The hobbit

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

  • The Hobbit pages 0-22 Total: 710

    Bilbo Baggins is visted by Gandoff and a host of dwarfs. The group plans a quest to the lonely mountian.
  • the hobbit pages 22-40 total: 728

    the hobbit and the dwarves prepare for their trek through the mist mountians
  • the hobbit pages 40-62 toatal: 750

    the dwarves are lost late at night in the forest
  • the hobbit pages 62-92 total: 780

    Gandoff saves everyone from the evil mountian trolls
  • the hobbit pages 92-103 total: 790

    the hobbit meets gollum inside a mountian pass
  • the hobbit pages 103-133 Total: 810

    the group begins the climb through the misty mountians
  • the hobbit pages 133-145 total:822

    the dwarves are captured by goblins and bilbo escapes
  • the hobbit pages 145-165 total: 844

    After escaping the misty mountians, the group moves on to mirkwood
  • the hobbit pages 165-185 total: 864

    the dwarves are lost in mirkwood
  • the hobbit pages 185-205 Total: 884

    the hobbit and his group find the treasure in the lonely mountan
  • the hobbit pages 205-235 total: 904

    bard kills the evil dragon, and the battle of five armies begins
  • thr hobbit pages 235-255 total: 924

    after the battle of five armies, they bury thorin
  • the hobbit pages 255-272 total: 941 *BOOK OVER*

    bilbo and gandalf make the long journey back to the hobbit hole