The History of World Civilizations I

  • Oct 28, 790

    Viking Age

    The Viking Age of History is typically dated from 790- 1066.
  • Period: Oct 28, 1254 to Oct 28, 1324

    Marco Polo

    son of Venetian Merchant. Traveled the silk route across central Asia
  • Oct 28, 1275

    Chineses Southern Song Capital of Hangchou

    was conquered by Kublilai Khan, the grandson of Chingis Khan.
  • Period: Oct 28, 1275 to Oct 28, 1292

    Marco Polo's travels the Silk Road to Mongolia and China

    stayed in China from 1275 to 1292.
  • Period: Oct 28, 1304 to Oct 28, 1369

    Ibn Battuta

    Morrocan-born Berber scholar who vowed to travel the whle of the Islamic world without traveling the same road twice.
    Covered 75,000 miles in over 30 years time.
  • Oct 28, 1320

    The Black Plague

    Originated in China in the 1320's.
  • Oct 28, 1347

    The Black Plague- Italy

    ships of sick and dying men arrived in Italy
  • Oct 28, 1405

    Zheng He

    Became a powerful military leader, entrused by the emperor in 1405 to trade, collect, tribute, and display China's power in the world.
  • Period: Oct 28, 1492 to Oct 28, 1580

    Bernel Diaz

    life span of Bernel Diaz
  • Oct 28, 1519

    Bernel Diaz, Hernando Cortes, and band of Spsnish conquistadores

    were the first Euroeans to see the cities of the central Mexican plateau in 1519.
  • Oliver Cromwell and Parliament pass Laws

    pass "Laws and Ordincances Martial"
  • Farmer finds 200lb Stone

    if legitimate the stone would prove that VIkings reached the middle of North America by the 14th Century