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The History of the Televison

By ZA12998
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    The History of the Televison

  • The big Screen

    The big Screen
    January 4 John Logier Baird demonstrates ‘zone television’, showing full-length figures and a cricket lesson by Herbert Studwor
  • The Projector

    The Projector
    January: Direct Baird Company installs projection television with a 15ft x 12ft screen at the 1,190-seat Marble Arch Pavilion.
  • The colored T.V.

    The colored T.V.
    1940: Peter Gold mark invents 343 lines of resolution color television
  • Cable

    1948: Cable television is introduced in Pennsylvania
  • Colored Televison

    Colored Televison
    Color television introduced in the U.S.
  • more and more televisons

    more and more televisons
    50% of home TVs are color television sets.
  • The GIANT Screen

    The GIANT Screen
    Giant screen projection television is first marketed.
  • Theres Millons

    Theres Millons
    There are 900 million television sets in use around the world201 million television sets are in the United States.
  • Good Signal

    Good Signal
    Television signals in both analog and digital formats
  • No More Anolog

    No More Anolog
    The US switch-off of all analogue terrestrial TV broadcasts is scheduled to begin NO LATER THAN February 17, 2009