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The History of The Small Kings

  • Mike Born

    Mike Levy is born, and so begins his first intense obsession. This one? Breathing.
  • Frankie Born

    Frankie Born
    Rancesco Raponi is born, ending a nine-month streak where he did not mispalce anything, miss an appointment or have a single slapstick mishap.
  • New Streak Ends

    New Streak Ends
    Frankie misses his first doctor's appointment when he loses his pacifier and bangs his teeny tiny head on the crib grate looking for it.
  • Jeff Born

    Jeff Born
    Jeff McCaffrey is born. Nurses insist that they hear him humming "Unskinny Bop" despite him being just hours old and Glam Rock still 11 years from its first appearance.
  • Joel Born

    Joel Blizzard born somewhere in Hawaii, though many believe that it was actually Kenya. We'd like to see his birth certificate, either way.
  • Funky Road Trip!

    Funky Road Trip!
    Mike drives from Atlanta to Cortland armed with only two cassettes: both by Bootsy Collins. And so begins a stretch of two years where it's pretty much P-Funk ONLY. Mike's relationship takes a nosedive.
  • Frankie Drops Da Bomb

    Frankie Drops Da Bomb
    Frank and Mike first meet in the Dryden HS faculty lounge. Frank dazzles Mike with his air guitar rendition of the Grateful Dead's show from 9/8/71. Mike falls in love when Frank/Phil "drops the bomb."
  • First Gig

    First Gig
    Frank, Jeff and Mike play their first gig as a trio. They call themsleves Cosby, Nils and Stash. Frank, Jeff and Mike begin searching for a new name as soon as the gig is over.
  • 1st Ithaca Fest

    Marty Withers and the Unleavened Experience rock the Commons! Set list:
    Sitting in the Shade, Bongo Man, Frank's Bag, Big Yellow Taxi, Graveyard, Sandbox Chores, Into the Mystic, Grocery Song, Tangelo, Eye of the Storm, The Weight
  • The Wandering Joel

    Joel shows up in Mike's garage half-naked and sweating and pounds his drums for two hours before mysteriously disappearing. So what else is new?
  • Mike Levy Solo Debut!

    Mike Levy Solo Debut!
    The band pulls into Market Street Brewery in Corning only to find out they are billed to appear as "Mike Levy." Mike 1, Rest of Band 0.
  • "Marty" Mike Levy in Corning, NY

    "Marty" Mike Levy in Corning, NY
    Set 1: Sitting in the Shade, Sandbox Chores, Honey, Ginseng Sullivan, Luana, Oh Atlanta, Fogo, Harvest Moon, Graveyard, Cities, Mystic, Set the Can Set 2: Weight, Helpless, Hellcat, Roll Another #, Lovin' Cup>Quinn the Eskimo, Tunk, Ohio, Freedom Rock, Acoustic Techno, For What it's Worth, Bad Moon Rising, Women are Smarter, Werewolves, Sweet Home AL>Can't you See, Message, Stir it Up, Queen Jane, Money, J is Pb, Saw Her Standing There, Boots>Jam>Wang Dang, Sweet Child, Rockin in the Free World
  • Ronald Reggae

    Joel and Jenna Goodman (fiddle) join the band, which temporarily changes its name to Ronald Raggae and the Iran Contra Dancers. Set I
    The Message, Ginseng Sullivan, Sandbox Chores, Bust Loose and Walking, You Don't Drink Water, Roses are Free, Hook and Line, Set the Can, Frank's Bag, Luana, Forget the Flowers, Graveyard Set II
    Hesitating Beauty, Cassidy Rose, Sitting in the Shade, Weekend in a Day, California Stars, Jam, Honey, Sitting in Limbo, Tangelo, Renard Fogo, More is More, Hellcat
  • Hello, Benjamin Costello

    Hello, Benjamin Costello
    After sitting in with the band for about a year, Benjamin accepts an invitation to join full-time on keys, guitar and vocals.
  • Goodbye, Benjamin Costello!

    Benjamin Costello leaves the Small Kings after realizing that being an official member of the band means that you don't actually get paid.
  • CD Release--Maxie's Supper Club

    CD Release--Maxie's Supper Club
    The Small Kings gather friends and family to celebrate the release of their debut CD. They play three sets of mostly original music, the middle set consisting of the entirety of the new album. The Small Kings catch on like wildfire and are heard far and wide... or at least as far as WVBR can broadcast.
  • Americana Jubilee 7

    After a long layoff, SK plays the Americana Jubilee #7 at the Rongovian Embassy and is inspired to fire up the engines. The band goes on to write a dozen new songs over the next year. Onward! Setlist:
    Birthday, Blacktop Down, Sunshine, 288 Days, You Don't Drink Water, Tale of Innocent Beginnings, Honey, More is More, Everything Seems to Want to Hurt, Renard Fogo-->Comfort
  • Grassroots!

    Watch it!The Small Kings perform at the GrassRoots Festival band contest and lose, proving that they are one of Ithaca's most consistant bands.
  • T-Burg Farmers Mkt

    Hear It! <u>Setlist:</u>
    T-Burg Mkt Jam
    You Don't Drink Water
    No Pennies
    John is Peanut Butter
    Acoustic Techno
    * It's So Good
    Do You?
    • Debut
  • Roosterfish!

    The band plays a quiet acoustic set and then picks it up considerably when not one, but TWO biker gangs enter the bar at the same time. No one is harmed.
  • Porchfest 2013

    Porchfest 2013
    Porchfest this year was as awesome as ever. We're so glad that so many great folks came down to Gary's porch to check us out.