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The History of the Music Video

  • Scopitone

    In the 1950's the scopitone was introduced. The scopitone is a 'visual jukebox' with a small screen showing performces synced with the music playing. The first scopitone was made in france. Many french artists such as Serge Gainsbourg recorded short sequences to be played along with their songs. Serge Gainsbourg<a
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    The History of the Music Video

  • The 1950's

    The 1950's
    The 1950's is known as the birth of rock and roll music.
  • The 60's

    The 60's
    The 60's was know as the musical revolution and the time of freedom. Recordings of live music performances were the only music videos seen. The Beatles, Elvis Presley and The Supremes were all popular artists of this time period. The Beatles I Saw Her Standing There
  • Space Oddity David Bowie

    Space Oddity David Bowie
  • The 70's

    The 70's
    During this time there were still no music videos as such. Music artists performed live on shows such as Top of the pops and countdown.
  • Its A Long Way To The Top

    Its A Long Way To The Top
  • The 80's

    The 80's
    The 80's was a significant time period for music videos begining the age of 24 hour music television with the launch of MTV. 'Video killed the radio star' was the first video shown on the chanel.
    Video Killed the Radio Star MTV became an important tool in music marketing- allowing artists to create their own images through videos and also promoting their music.
  • Michael Jackson- Thriller video released

    Michael Jackson- Thriller  video released
    Thriller Video This 14 minute long video was the most successful and influential in music video history.
  • Madonna- Material Girl

    Madonna- Material Girl
    Material Girl "Material Girl" incorporated New Wave music ( known as a sub genre of rock music ) and consists of synth arrangements with a robotic voice repeating the hook.
  • The 90's

    The 90's
    Many more genres were introduced during the 90's. For example r&b, hip hop and rap became more mainstream. Music Videos in this decade were common for many artists.
  • Michael Jackon and Janet Jackson- Scream video

    Michael Jackon and Janet Jackson- Scream video
    SCREAM is still today the most expensive music video ever made. The video cost $7 million.
  • Youtube

    Youtube allows you to watch music videos whenever you want. It also allows the public to upload their own videos.
  • Lady Gaga and Beyonce

    Lady Gaga and Beyonce
    Telephone Music Video This video has become the sort of thing we associate with the r&b/hiphop genre of music.
  • The Johnny Cash Project.

    The Johnny Cash Project.
    The Johnny Cash Project This project allows anyone to produce and contribute to the music video. The site gives you options of screen grabs from the music video that you can re create and add to the Johnny Cash video. This is an example of web 2.0 as it is allowing the audience to interact with the video rather than just consume it.
  • Professor Green- Late night doritos video

    Professor Green- Late night doritos video
    Late Night Doritos
    Professor Green's new track has been filmed using a cutting edge 360° camera allowing fans to interact, manipulate and direct the video as they desire.