The History of the Keyboard

Timeline created by Lorenzo Reina
  • The Typewriter

    The Typewriter
    Christopher Latham Sholes an American inventor invented the typewriter in 1868. Remington Company mass marketed the first typewriters starting in 1877.
  • The Teletype Machine

    The Teletype Machine
    The teletype machine was a combination between the technology with the typewriter and the telegraph. Punched card systems were combined with typewriters to create keypunches.
  • Video Display Terminals

     Video Display Terminals
    VDT also known as Video Display Terminals combined the technology of the cathode ray tube used in televisions and electric typewriters.
  • First Keyboard

    First Keyboard
    The first keyboards were built from scratch, they first sold in the 1970s. They were built piece by piece, and were heavy as they were fully mechanical. They were built for function and not for the looks, since the target market was primarily computer programmers and engineers.
  • Keyboards Built Into Personal Computers

    Keyboards Built Into Personal Computers
    Keyboards were built into personal computers in the mid-1970s. There is no way for users to save data. If users wanted a standard keyboard, IBM sold a converted electric typewriter, but many users converted their own electric typewriters to enter programming code. The keyboard was a set of key switches on the front panel of the computer
  • Model M Keyboard

    Model M Keyboard
    The Model M was a mechanical keyboard, The Shift” and “Enter” keys were reportedly too small. Users didn’t have to convert their typewriters or provide their own build of keyboard.
  • Mechanical to Membrane

    Mechanical to Membrane
    Membrane key switches replaced the Mechanical Key switches in the the 1990's. Unfortunately the quality of the keyboard significantly dropped, membrane keyboards were much cheaper than mechanical.
  • The Future of Keyboards

    The Future of Keyboards
    The folding keyboard, the water-proof (and washable) keyboard, the keyboard that also functions as a mouse, thumb-sized keyboards (for mobile devices and travel) and virtual touch-screen keyboards, are all the future of keyboards.