the history of the boats

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  • Nov 1, 1000

    Viking longboats 1000 AD

    Viking longboats 1000 AD
    Viking longboats
    These ships had sails as well as up to 60 oarsmen who rowed the ship.
  • Nov 27, 1100

    chinese boat 1100 AD

    chinese boat 1100 AD
    Chinese junks were sailing boats with a rudder for steering the boat, battens on the sails to give them greater strength
  • Nov 27, 1450

    sailing ship

    sailing ship
    1450 onwards: Three and four masted sailing ships were in service for several centuries, These wooden ships were used as battleships
  • 'clipper ships'

    'clipper ships'
    In the 1800s, fast sailing ships called 'clipper ships' were built. They had long, slim hulls and tall masts.
  • steamships

    1819 The first steamships to cross the Atlantic combined steam and wind power
  • The first ocean-going liners

    The first ocean-going liners
    1845 The first ocean-going liners made of iron and driven by a propeller were being built from this time
  • diesel power

    diesel power
    Coal burning sailing ships were converted to diesel power, using oil instead of steam.
  • Hovercraft

    Hovercraft float above the waves on cushions of air and are capable of high speeds of up to 140 km an hour
  • nuclearship

    The N.S. Savannah, one of the first nuclear powered cargo ships, was able to sail for three and a half years without refuelling.
  • cruise ship

    cruise ship
    Cruise liners are ships that carry hundreds of people on floating holidays. Passengers live on the ship, which has restaurants, shops, cinemas and other recreation venues.