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The history of technology

  • Television

    To entertain people with motion moving images.
  • Period: to


  • Monitor Top Refrigerator

    Monitor Top Refrigerator
    The Monitor Top Refrigerator is the first electrical refrigerator. It is used to keep things frozen or cold.
  • Hair Shaver

    Hair Shaver
    To shave off hair on skin surface.
  • First digital electronic watch

    First digital electronic watch
    The first digital watch was released in 1970. You can use it to tell the time without having to figure out where the hands are like analogue watches.
  • Microsoft

    Microsoft is a computer software. There are also Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Publisher and lots more.
  • Laptop 'The grid compass'

    Laptop 'The grid compass'
    This was the first laptop made; this was a portable version of a desktop.This is the first ever portable computer, or laptop. It is called ‘The Grid Compass’ and it was used by NASA in 1980.
  • First Mobile Phone

    First Mobile Phone
    The first mobile released. This is an communication device used to contact other people by pressing their phone number into the mobile phone.
  • Floppy Disks

    Floppy Disks
    It is a flexible magnetic storage device that is contained in a plastic carrier. They were very big, they were just about 8 inches when it was first released.
  • iPod 1G

    iPod 1G
    The iPod is used to score and listen to music. They are from Apple. The iPod touches can be used to play games and use the internet as well.
  • Iphone 1G

    Iphone 1G
    The iphone is a smartphone created by apple with a touch screen. The newest iphone is the iphone 4s but apple is looking to commercialise the iphone 5 in the next month
  • 3D Television

    3D Television
    Just like a normal TV. But much more exciting! The 3D TV was released in 2010. It is basically made so that you can watch the TV in 3D, just like 3D movies.
  • Compact Cassette Tapes

    Compact Cassette Tapes
    The compact cassette tape or we just call it an ‘tape’ is a magnetic sound recording format. You can record sound onto it, but you can also record over another sound that has already been recorded.