The history of technology

  • Sewing machine

    Sewing machine
    Used to sew, fix, and make clothes.
  • Period: to

    History of technology

  • TV

    It is used to watch news, TV programs, commercials and the weather.
  • Electric guitar

    Electric guitar
    It is used to make music but with more varieties in the type of music.
  • Micowaveoven

    Cooks food or defrosts it by heating it up.
  • Air-conditioner

    Cools down home when it is hot.
  • Refridgerator

    Used to store food and to make it stay fresh.
  • Airplane

    It is used to travel across the world in the air.
  • NDS. lite

    NDS. lite
    This product is used to play video games that entertain the person.
  • Wii

    Used to play games to entertain the person playing the game.
  • Galaxy S

    Galaxy S
    This product is a smartphone which is used to contact people from distance and take photos.