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The history of sound recording

  • Phonograph invented

    Phonograph invented
    Thomas Edison, Charles Batchelor and John Kruesi worked together in a laboratory to make the tin foil phonograph.
  • Gramophone

  • Vinyl record invented

    Vinyl record invented
    The vinyl record player was different to the phonograph because it had its data on a revolving disk instead of a revolving cylinder.
  • Compact cassette invented

    Compact cassette invented
    The compact cassette was an improvement on vinyl records because the were smaller and more portable. The compact cassette tapes had magnetic data on it instead of miniature grooves.
  • First iPod

  • Compact disc invented.

    Compact disc invented.
    The compact disk works by the machine that reads its microscopic holes in the disk to interpret the music. The main advantadge would be the quality of them and the size and shape of them.