The History Of Smoking

By jobpa
  • Jan 1, 1492

    Christopher Columbus Discovered tobacco

    Christopher Columbus Discovered tobacco
    Christopher Columbus was italian and he went to the spanish king saying that he knew a way to get to india but instead ended up in America. The Native Americans gave him tabacco as a present but later he threw it out
  • Period: Oct 19, 1492 to

    The history of smoking

    please ignore the the days and months because we couldn't find the actual dates
  • Oct 19, 1518

    Juan De Grijalva

    Juan De Grijalva lands in america and he sees the Natives smoking and obseves it.
  • Oct 19, 1527

    Bartolomé de Las Casas

    Bartolomé de Las Casas found out that the Peace Pipe ie: smoking is addictive
  • Oct 19, 1531

    Santo Dimingo

    Santo Dimingo has now started growing tabacco in england
  • Sep 18, 1556

    'Tabacco is introduced to Spain, Portugal and France'

    This will continue on until 1558 quoted from
  • Oct 19, 1564

    Tabbaco is now used in England

    it took until 1565 until it was used all over the country.
  • Sir Walter Raleigh trys to get queen Elizabeth the 1 to try smoking

    FYI: Queen Elizabeth was the daughter of anne boyelen and Henry the VIII. Anne Got executed after the birth of Elizabeth
  • First sale of native Virginia tobacco in England; Virginia colony enters world tobacco market, under English protection

  • first non-smoking law has been passed in Massachusetts they forbid smokin out side for fire hazards

  • General Israel Putnam introduces smoking in the US

  • Demuth Tobacco shop, the oldest tobacco shop in the nation is established by Christopher Demuth

  • the US pass the first federal tax on tabacco

  • a friction match is invented and it makes smoking easier, it is the same one we use today

  • Cigarettes are invented by artilleryman in the seige of Acre

  • Cigarettes are now manufactured and the controlling brand is Bull druham which commanded 90% of the cigarette market