The History of SEGA

By nasya95
  • The Beginning

    Sega was founded as Standard Games in Honlulu, Hawaii.
  • Booming Exspansion

    DAvid Rosen founded Rosen Enterprise
  • Compling and Conquering

    Rosen Enterprise and Standered games combine to make Sega enterprise
  • Start of a War

    Sega began releasing SMG 1000's
  • Including the U.S,

    Video gaming blooms in the US
  • U.S. Included

    Sega began to sell games in the U.S
  • Welcome the New Guy.

    Sega brings on a new mascot Sonic
  • War with the Consoles.

    Over the next eight years, after Nintendo launched Super Nintendo a few months later, this spiked the "console war" Sega retaliated with the Sega CD, a storage device for their CD-ROM.
  • Console War ends

    Only more losses would proceed, such as the Dreamcast and the Saturn, which did not do so well in the market.
  • Stop and Start Over

    After their recent bad streak, they decided to stop making consoles. And Sega helped Microsoft produce the X box