The History of Science and Technology

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  • Home Telephone

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    Timespan of technology

  • 35mm Still Camera

    Oskar Barnack invented the 35mm still camera around 1913 after company's were producing 35mm films.
  • 8mm Film Camera

    created during the great depression, it was meant to be a cheaper alternative to the 16mm film
  • Romote Control

    However a wireless remote control was invinted in 1955
  • The floppy disk

    The earliest floppy disks were invented in the late 1960's, before they become commercially available in 1971
  • MicroCassatte Recorder

  • Dot Matrix Printer

    The LA30 was a 30 character/second dot matrix printer introduced in 1970 by Digital Equipment Corporation
  • CD-Rom

    The CD-Rom was invented by Philips and Sony, and it was the first device in it's own kind to be used to write access amount of information in to a single disk
  • Wireless Internet

    In 1991, NCR Corporation with AT&T invented the first wireless products under the name WaveLAN
  • Cable Modems

    Created by intel