The History of Ovens By: Joshua Davis

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In History
  • 29,000 BCE

    Earliest Oven

    Earliest Oven
    The first ovens where invented in ancient times and you couldn't really know when the food was done so they had to just cook the food as best as they could.
  • Iron Ovens

    Iron Ovens
    The French Oven was invented. The French Oven is also referred to as the Scottish Oven or the White Oven. The French Oven had a rectangular base where the fire was held and a dome on top where the food was kept. It was the first introduction to baking using indirect heat.
  • Cast Iron ovens

    Cast Iron ovens
    Around 1728, cast iron ovens really began to be made in high quantities. These first ovens of German design were called Five-plate or Jamb stoves.
  • Gas Ovens

    Gas Ovens
    By the 1920’s gas had been introduced into the oven-making process and most homes were equipped with them
  • Electric Ovens

    Electric Ovens
    Electric powered ovens began to compete with gas-powered ovens and the battle wears on into today.
  • Microwave Ovens

    Microwave Ovens
    An engineer for the Raytheon Corporation, Percy LeBaron Spencer, was doing research on microwave-producing magnetrons when he discovered that the candy bar in his pocket had melted. He experimented further with microwave radiation and realized that it could cook food more quickly than through the application of heat. Eight years later, the company produced its first commercial microwave oven; its Amana division released the first domestic version in 1967.
  • Range oven

    Range oven
    Range ovens were created to accommodate large families.