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The History of Meat Preservation

  • 200

    Greeks and Romans Salt Cure

    Greeks and Romans Salt Cure
    In 200 B.C., the Greeks and the Romans began to cure their meats with salt. The Romans orginially learned from the Greeks. The Romans also learned that the nitrate was the cause of the pinkish red tint to their meat.
  • Jan 1, 1300

    Chinese Preserve Meat

    Chinese Preserve Meat
    In 1300 B.C., the Chinese began to cure tand preserve their meat with salt.
  • Indians Smoke their Meat

    Indians Smoke their Meat
    The Indian people began to smoke their meat in 1590. They would tie the slab of meat on a tree branch and make a fire under it so the meat was exposed to a lot of smoke.
  • Indians Teach People of Jamestown

    Indians Teach People of Jamestown
    In 1608 A.D., the American Indians taught the people of Jamestown, Virginia how to salt,and smoke their meat.
  • Refrigerator Invented

    Refrigerator Invented
    Jacob Perkins invented the first refrigerator in 1834. It operated by using ether in a vapor compression system.
  • Fermenting Meat for Preservation

    Fermenting Meat for Preservation
    Using fermentation to preserve meat is primarily used with sausages. This method lowers the pH level of the meat to prohibit microorganism growth. However, this meath usually leaves the meat wtih a sour or tangy flavor. Italians and the Spanish use this method to give their sausages a different, tangy flavor.
  • Irradiation to Preserve Meat

    Irradiation to Preserve Meat
    The newest way to preserve meat and kill bacteria is irradiation. In this method, we use radiation to preserve meat. This method is similar to how surgery tools in a hospital are sterilized. This method prevents bacteria from growing but, the meat must also be refrigerator and cooked when the consumer wants to eat it.
  • Thermal Heating of Meat for Preservation

    Thermal Heating of Meat for Preservation
    Thermal heating meat rids the meat of microbes and gives it flavoring. Minumum safe cooking temperatures for poultry is between 71 degrees Celsius and 80 degrees Celsius. This method involves heating the meat in a sealed vat with hot water.
  • Solar Dryer to Preserve Meat

    Solar Dryer to Preserve Meat
    In the solar dryer, warm air is conducted through a completely closed chamber, therefore, avoiding any undesirable impacts from the outside.
  • Jewish People Salt Cure their Meat

    Jewish People Salt Cure their Meat
    In 3000 B.C., the Jewish people cured their meat with salt from the Dead Sea. However, this salt contained nitrates, which in turn, gave their meat a pinkish color.
  • Fish Preservation

    Fish Preservation
    The first records of preserving fish meat with salt were written in 3500 B.C. by the Sumerians.
  • Preserving Meat with Ice

    Preserving Meat with Ice
    From the beginning of time, since about 750 million years ago, ancient peoples preserved their meat by burying it in snow or surrounding it with ice. They used this method along with others, until the refrigerator was invented.
  • Drying Meat

    Drying Meat
    The first method of preserving meat was drying it. In 4500 B.C., people would leave it in the sun and let it dry out for hours. This method removes water from the meat, inhibiting the growth of unwanted microorganisms.