The history of Ipods and music players

  • Music Boxes

    Music Boxes
    The first music boxes were invented by a person in Switzerland named Antoine Favre.
  • Record Player

    Record Player
    The record player was first made in Menlo Park, New Jersey by Thomas A. Edison.
  • Cassette Tape

    Cassette Tape
    The first tape was invented and released by The philips company.
  • 8-track player

    8-track player
    The invention of the 8-track player was created by Bill Lear in 1964.
  • CD's

    The history of CD's The Cd was actually invented in 1965 but they didnt start getting popular until 1980.
  • Boomboxes

    The History of Boomboxes The first boombox was invented by Marentz and had 2 speakers and only offered AM/FM radio.
  • Walkman

    The first walkmans were created by philips but the leader in selling the walkmans was sony in the late 70's
  • Ipod

    The history of Ipods The ipod was invented to make music playing more portable than it was at that time.