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The History of Insulin

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    The History of Insulin

  • Discovery of Insulin

    Discovery of Insulin
    Insulin was discovered in 1921 by Frederick Banting, a Canadian doctor who was studying diabetes and the pancreas.
  • Insulin First Used in a Human

    A 14-year-old boy from Canada became the first human patient to receive insulin. However, the insulin failed to work.
  • Purified Insulin First Used

    The insulin used by Banting was purified and injected into the 14-year-old boy. His glucose levels dropped.
  • Insulin Becomes Comercially Produced

    Eli Lilly Corporation begins to produce insulin to treat diabetics in most western countries.
  • Insulin is Crystallized

    Insulin is crystallized by scientist JJ Abel.
  • Composition of Insulin Discovered

    The composition of insulin was first discovered in 1955 by scientist Fredrick Sanger.
  • Immunoassay Discovered

    Immunoassay Discovered
    In 1957, immunoassay is discovered by Solomon Berson and Rosalind Yalow. The immunoassay is able to test levels of insulin in the urine, using small concentrations of insulin.
  • Synthetic Insulin First Produced

    Synthetic Insulin First Produced
    In 1978, a biotechnology company called Gentech produced the first synthetic insulin, which could be distributed in large quantities.
  • Insulin Becomes Widely Available

    After insulin was able to be synthetically produced, it became widely available to people throughout the country.
  • Insulin Used Today

    Today, insulin is used for almost all people with diabetes. Most use the type that was created in 1978.