The History of Georgia by Jake Bischoff

  • Jan 1, 1540

    Hernando Desoto comes to the americas

    Hernando Desoto came over to the Americas. He discovers the Native Americans and quickly conquers them due to his heavily armed men. The small pox was introduced to the Indians when it was brought over by Desotos crew.
  • Jan 1, 1562

    Virginia colonies

  • Jan 1, 1566

    Spanish misson trips to barrier islands

    Spanish churches came overseas to spread Christianity to the native americans. Many small churches were built on the barrier islands.
  • Colonization of Virginia

    In 1607, the English settled in a colony called Jamestown. James town is located in modern day Virginia. A few years later, a wave of malaria killed most of the colonists leaving only 38 alive. The colony survived and thrived. Later, The Dutch Brings Africans to Jamestown for servents-> the servants are eventually "misused" and became more of slaves.
  • Fort King George

    In 1721, fort King George was put up in present-day Georgia. This fort was used as a barrier from the english colonies in the carolinas to the spanish colonies in florida. This fort was created almost as a peacefull "wall" between the two settlements. Just 6 years later in 1727, the fort was abandoned due to an indian raid.
  • Colonization of Georgia

    In 1663, the british had claimed the land of Georgia. But it wasnt until 1717 when they first colonized it. In 1732 James Oglethorpe with a group of 21 men were put in charge of the colony and colonization of Georgia. He went in search of colonists and brought them along with livestock, plants, and other things to the new world.
  • Ratification of the constitution

    In 1788, the US constitutuion was ratified by the constitutional convention over the articles of confederation.
  • The Invention of the cotton gin

    Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin in 1793. It allowed the cotton seed removal process to speed up drastically which made cotton clothing more popular.
  • Yazoo Land Fraud

    In 1795 a group of people sold government land that they didnt own. They made a lot of money and when the government found out, they burned the records of it on the steps to the courthouse. The buyers were either reimbersed or they got to keep their land.