The History of Genetics

By iash2
  • Gregor Mendel

    Gregor Mendel publishes a paper about the predictability of offspring making a foundation for genetics.
  • Nettie Stevens & Edmund Wilson

    These people discover that females have two X chromosomes, while males have an X and a Y.
  • Archibald Garrod

    He proposed that some diseases are caused by " inborn errors of metabolism that result from the lack of a specific enzyme."
  • Thomas Hunt Morgan

    Showed that genes are on chromosomes.
  • Alfred Sturtevant

    Creates the first genetic map for a chromosome.
  • Nucliec Acid

    Nucliec Acid was found to be a big component in chromosomes.
  • Hermann J. Muller

    Used x-rays to make an artifical gene mutation.
  • Harriet B. Creighton & Barbara McClintock

    Showed cytogical proof for crossing-over in corn.
  • Jean Brachet

    Shows that DNA is in chromosomes and RNA is in the cytoplasm of cells.
  • Rosalind Franklin

    Got pictures of DNA by using x-rays.
  • Francis Crick & James Watson

    Figured out how to make a three-dimensional DNA molecule.
  • Paul Berg & Herb Boyer

    They created the first recombinant DNA molecules.
  • Fred Sanger

    Made the first chain termination (dideoxy) method for DNA sequencing.
  • Kary Banks Mullis

    Invented the polymerase chain reaction for DNA.
  • Human Genome Project

    The Human Genome Project releases their preliminary results.