The History Of Drone Warfare

  • Stage one of the three stages of drones

    Drones in the 1910's to the 50's were belived to be used to be target practice for pilots and anti-aircraft gunners
  • Period: to

    The History Of Drone Warfare

  • The Grand Father drone was launched

    The Grandfather drone was a rail way launched drone that had preset coordinates. The plane was also known as the kettering aerial torpedo. when it would reach a certian hieght the engines would cut and it dived down and explode when it hit the ground
  • The literary digest suggest stoping the use of drones

    In 1924 a popular magazine published an article stating that the geneva convention should bane the use of drones
  • Project Aphrodite Faliure

    In 1944 The US Navy tried to Send a B-24 bomber Loaded with bombs to germany from britian. Once it took of the piloite would jump from the plane and it would travel the rest of the way unmaned. It was a massive faulire and killed John F kennedys older brother Joshep kennedy.
  • Stage two of the three stages of drones

    Durinf the 60's the drones were used Mainly for dectecting enimes and gatharing inteallegence
  • U-2 Spy plane spots the cubans building missiles

    The U2 plane took pitcures Of the cubans Building missles with the USSR. It was shot down later after the pitcuers were taken.
  • Vietnam Used as Electronic battlefield

    During the War in vietnam America were experementing with new drone tecnology. They would set up a "electronic battelfield" to test new drones.
  • Humilation of the Phantom F-4

    in 1971 A manned Air plane the Phantom went aganist a Ryan Firebee which had a remote controled systeme atached to it. The Phantom Lost without landing a hit while the Firebee landecd 7.
  • Predator Drone Firist Drone to be used in afghanastan for voilent purposes

    After 9/11 America invaded Afghanastan to take the terrorits out The firist Ground Assults were assisted with Predator Drones That were used for bombings. But before then they were used for survalince.
  • stage 3 of the 3 stages of drones

    Drones start to become killing machines from the 2000's to now. They are used to bomb terrorists and kill them as will