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The History of Copyright in music

By G_dop3
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    The History of Copyright in Muisc

  • The formation of a Mechanical Licence

    In 1910 Mecolico (the Mechanical Copyright Licences Company) formed to license the mechanical right in anticipation of the 1911 Copyright Act.

    Mechanical copyright gives a license to take more copies of the original piece of music, whether that is to make more copies of a CD or an MP3 file. It also gives you the right to issue, lend or rent these copies to members of the public, an example of this would be to sell the copies in record shops such as; HMV.
  • Copyright Act in the UK was formed

    In 1911, Copyright Act (implemented 1 July 1912) in the UK brought provisions on copyright into one Act for the first time- This copyrighted dramatic work, novels and using the music in cinematograph. Cinematograph; the art of photography and camerawork in film-making.
  • PRS formed in the UK

    In 1914, PRS (the Performing Right Society Ltd) formed to administer the 'Performing Right' (non dramatic performance and broadcasting right) in UK, Eire and British Empire. The Performing Right Society was founded in 1914 for collecting fees for live performance from sheet music.
  • The first PRS licence is issued to the BBC

    In 1923, the first PRS Licence issued to the BBC, used for radio boradcasting.
  • Two different licence companies merge

    In1924, Mecolico (Mechanical Copyright Licenses Co Ltd) and CPS (Copyright Protection Society Ltd) merge to form MCPS: the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society
  • Television licence

    In 1937, BBC licence from PRS includes Television. This licence was for Black and white television broadcasts.
  • Amendments to the 1911 Act

    In 1956, Copyright Act (implemented 1 June 1957) amendments to 1911 Act
    This could have been to make the licences more efficient or useful, it would have been dependant on how technology had changed.
  • Establishment of the Performing Right Tribunal

    1956 The Performing Right Tribunal established under 1956 Copyright Act (now the Copyright Tribunal)
  • Replacement of the 1956 copyright act

    In 1988, Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (implemented 1 August 1989) replaces 1956 Copyright Act. This may have been done to make the licences more modern.
  • The Completion of the operational alliance

    MCPS & PRS complete operational alliance under one management team - The MCPS-PRS Alliance
  • Launch of the British Music Rights

    In1998, the British Music Rights were launched.
  • The joining of 2 independant licencing comapnies

    The MCPS-PRS Alliance develops the Joint Online Licence - the first dual licensing system aimed at encouraging the growth of legitimate online music services.
    They two independant comapnies joined in order to make a more efficient company. MCPS offered Mechanical licences and PRS offered Perofmrance licences, why have two sperate companies when you cn have one that does it all for you?
  • First distribution of Itunes royalties to members

    MCPS and PRS are the first collecting societies to distribute iTunes royalties to members
  • Alliance is taken to the UK copyright Tribunal

    The Alliance is taken to the UK Copyright Tribunal by a consortium of digital music service providers and mobile network operators led by the BPI.
  • Adoption of PRS

    The MCPS-PRS Alliance adopts the PRS for Music brand
  • First licence for cloud music services is issued

    The first licence for cloud music services is issued.