the history of computer games

  • Period: to

    the history of video games

  • space wars

    Space war is debatably the first video game ever
  • Pong

    This is one of a progression in the video game industry
  • pacman

    Pacman is a classic that was completely hyped in that time period but not so much now
  • Donkey Kong

    Donkey Kong is a cartoon character that is very popular
  • pole position

    Pole position was one of the first racing games ever
  • Tetris

    Pole position was one of the first racing games ever
    Tertris is a classic old school video games and at this point people could make slightly more complicated video games
  • Legeng of Zelda

    The legend of Zelda is a game that was very popular when it came out and is still a well known game today
  • Wolfstein 3D

    his is the first ever first person shooter game it was loved by some but hated by others this year is when all the genres of video games became better and more like today
  • The Playstation

    The play staion was by far the most modern gaming console at that time and people were amazed by it
  • Halo

    Halo is a game is first person shooter/science fiction game that has revolutionized the gaming community as it has evolved it is now a great game
  • GT5

    GT5 (grand turismo 5) has the best ghrapich in the world