The History of Classical Music

By dek2001
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    Greek music

    Greek music
    The origins of mondern classical music evolved during the fifth century B.C in ancient Greece.
  • Nov 4, 1300

    The musical renaissance

    The musical renaissance
    By the 1300s musical development had been dominated by the church for nearly five hundred years.
  • The baroque era

    The baroque era
    By the end of the renaissance era music was a everyday part of life for Europeans from south Italy to north England. In Italy musicians had an increasing desire to move beyond classical music. In an effort to put in emotions into there piece such as sadness, joy, and anger.
  • The classical period

    The classical period
    In the classical era all the great composers like Mozart and Beethoven just started their career.
  • When all music was classical

    When all music was classical
    Prior to the tweth century when jazz, blues, country, and rock and roll music enterd the scene, almost all music was classical.
  • Music in medieval times

    Music in medieval times
    There is a tie between music and religion that is as old as humanity itself. From the earliest times, music has been associated with religios rituals;and from the first ancient civilizations, composers have based many pieces on religios themes.
  • The romantic era

    The romantic era
    Romantic composers often used books, poems, or plays as insporation for thieir music.
  • The modern era

    The modern era
    The modern era is from 1890-2001. In a world of electricity, automobiles, airplanes, radio, television, recorded music, nuclear bombs, and rocketss to the moon, it is not surprising that the musical rules of earlier times have changed.