The History of Candyland

  • Candyland Founded

    A small island was conquered by an European army led by Kermit the frog on September 13, 1778. Kermit named it Candyland after his favorite board game. Some of the indigenous peoples surrendered willingly and were permitted to remain in their homes on the island.
  • Period: to

    The Early History of Candyland

  • First Candyland Colony Established

    In 1781, the construction of the first successful Candyland colony was completed and Kermit announced the completion to his home country and all of the inhabitants of the island. Many of the indigenous peoples still living on the continent were invited to come live in peace with the colonists, but many refused because they were comfortable in the small log cabins that many of them had lived in for most of their lives.
  • First French Immigrants Welcomed Into Candyland

    On July 30, 1794 a ship of French settlers beached on the island after hearing of the newly colonized land. They were invited to stay and help with the development of the working colony and the development of new colonies to come. French became a significant language of Candyland.
  • Government System Established

    A government system was established in Candyland on November 23, 1801. Kermit the Frog was named president after a continent-wide vote. Miss Piggy was named vice-president. Two more branches of the governement were established. The U.S. government system is based off of the Candyland government system. They are completely similar.
  • Second and Third Candyland Colonies Established

    On June 11th, 1815, the construction of the second and third Candyland colonies were completed. Big Bird was named mayor of the second colony, there after named Sesame. Oscar the Grouch was appointed as mayor of the third colony, there after named Street. Sesame became the largest colony on the Continent.
  • First Swedish Immigrants Welcomed Into Candyland

    On March 13th, 1826, the first ship of Swedish immigrants arrived in Candyland and made themselves at home in the colony of Sesame. Swedish is another main language of Candyland.
  • Elmo is Elected New President of Candyland

    On April 17th, 1838, Elmo was elected the new president of Candyland after the passing of Kermit the frog.