The History Of American Music By Clariza

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    A Native Beginning

    Native Americans started making music with turtle shells, rattles, clay bells and flutes as well as drums accompanied with nasal vocals. All of this very percussion heavy.
  • Western Rhythms

    African American bring complex rhythms of Western African music.
  • Early Blues

    African American slaves in the deep south create the earliest forms of the Blues.
  • Louis Armstrong And The World Of Jazz

    Louis Armstrong helps in the growth of Jazz with his trumpeting abilities.
  • The First Radio

    The first licensed commercial radio broadcast was aired in the US.
  • Electric Strings

    The electric guitar were invented and over the years gained popularity also having been chosen as a favorite instruments of the Beatles.
  • Folk Music

    Folk music rises is prominence with the burgeoning collection of American folk music by John Lomax.
  • Country

    Country Music begins with he first major commercial success of Appalachian folk.
  • Biblical Songs

    Gospel music popularizes from Southeastern states.
  • Elvis Presley Brings The Rock

    Elvis Presley bring rock to the table as one of the most influential people in his century.
  • Motown

    Berry Gordy Jr. created Motown, the first African American-owned record label, to promote African American artists and musicians.
  • Hip Hop

    Hip hop was developed in Bronx New York and spread from urban to suburban communities.
  • The Internet

    The creation of the internet lead to making of many new music making software and music sharing sites.
  • Tech Times

    DJ's like Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and Tiesto were growing popular.