The Hero sleeps

  • The Time of Favlos

    The original invasion of the Favlos
  • Period: to

    Humanities peace

    10 years after the Time of Favlos
  • adventure begins

    create characters and start
  • Orbs calling, and the arrival of the heros

    3 heros are summoned by the orbs to collect them and save the world
  • Go for the Red Orb

    go to the red temple, and pass the 4 trials, battle the guardian, and collect the red orb
  • go for the yellow orb

    go and battle your way to the ruins, meet up with the nomads, clear out the catacombs, defeat the guardian,and collect the yellow orb, lose yello orb
  • go for the blue orb

    seek out the Blue castle, after enterin the walls meet its leaders, defeat the guardian, obtain the orb
  • Defend the gates

    large army of Favlos attack the castle, help defend, escape with survivors, meet up with new leaders , discover that the next temple is hidden
  • return to the red temple

    discover the red temple has been invaded, fight your way back up the 32 lvs, take back the yellow orb, find the master monks map to the green temple
  • go fo the green orb

    Find the secret location where the green temple, get in to the temple, deal with security, find survivors, defeat gardian, send for regugees to come to safty.
  • Hero's Door

    Return to the hero's door, place the orbs in alter, unlock and discover the contents, decide from there
  • End of chapter 1

    return to the green temple, prepare for coming war, plans for trip into Animeros