Fetus growing

The growing Fetus

  • And so it begins!

    And so it begins!
    Week 1:
    During week one theres not much that can be done. You may be thinking "oh great im having a baby!" or "oh great... Im having a baby?!?!?!". Technically, you dont have a baby... Yet. Scientfically the egg is still leaving the Fallopian tubes. The Baby part is still developing.
  • Ovulation

    Week 2:
    This is the week of Ovulation. The Ovum will drop from the ovaries and meet up with the sperm in the ovum. Only one out of millions of sperm will survive the harsh conditions of the cervix.
  • genetics kick in

    genetics kick in
    At this point, the embryo's genetics like the sex, hair color and eye color have been set into stone. well Techniacally its called a zygote. After the ovum has been fertilized, the embryo burys itself in to the walls of the uterus.
  • Implantation

    At this point, the fetus is still developing. The embryo has seperated into two halves. One has the placenta and the other is the actual developing egg.
  • Week 5

    On the back of the embryo, fa tube begins to form, which later will become the spinal cord. The amniotic fluid that cushions the embryo, to form the placenta and part of the brain.
  • Week 6

    t this time the embryo is still pretty small. On the sides of the head, are two folds of tissue that will become the ears. Most of the major body organs and systems are formed or still forming. The heart also forms, and it begins to beat on the 25th day after conception.
  • Week 7

    The Arms and Legs begin to form and develop. On the 26th day after conception, the embryo's tiny heart begins to beat. Other major organs,, have begun to develop or finished developing.
  • Week 8

    The arms and legs continue to develop. These little limbs are stretching out more and more. im sure you will be feeling those feet and elbows bugging the crp out of your bladder. The embryonic tail should have almost disappeared, if its nots gone already.
  • Week 9

    The baby's head appears much larger than the body because the brain is growing very rapidly. Brain waves can now be measured. Its not going to be a Frankstein head. Remember that the bones havent developed yet so the brain is still developing.
  • Week 10

    This is the week where the baby is now considered a fetus and not an embryo anymore. All major organs and limbs are pretty much developed.
  • week 11

    THe babys mouth and taste buds are starting to develop. Its Still a little too early to see the eyes or to get a good look on the gender.
  • Week 12

    The baby now has a face, a brain is fully formed, and the baby can also feel pain.
  • week 13

    This is about the time when you can feel the babys kicks and punchs. The baby also has developed the hormone to produce insulin and fingerprints.
  • Week 14

    During this week the baby starts to develop hair and eyebrows. No luck on the eyes though.. they are still glued shut.
  • Week 15

    The bones and muscles of the baby begin to develop. They arent combing, they are still developing. As the muscles develop, the babys body and limbs grow longer.
  • Week 16

    Fat begins to form underneath the baby's skins. Since your baby is more developed, It can hear external voices, sleeps and dreams. When is hears, or dreams of something pleasant, it can renconize it and make facial expressions.
  • Week 17

    The skeleton is tranforming from cartilage to bone. Even though a baby's skeletal system is still forming, the limbs remain flexible to help with the birthing process.
  • Week 18

    Little air sacs called alveoli begin to form in lungs as the vocal cords are being formed. The baby can cry but since there is no physical air, no sound is made. The baby may favor certain postions than others. Keep in mind that the baby can be starled by loud noises.
  • Week 19

    Your baby's heart is now visible with an ultrasound. Also, your baby's genitals are distinct and recognizable.
  • Week 20

    You are halfway through your pregnancy term.The baby can hear and reconize the moms voice.
    As the toenails and fingernails are growing, the hair on the body continues to grow.
  • week 21

    The babys nurishment supplies and reproductive system finish developing. Bone marrow start to delevop blood marrow.
  • Week 22

    At this point, the baby can tell if its your voice. If you talk, read, or sing to your baby, it's understandable to expect him or her to be able to hear you.
  • Week 23

    At this week, the baby begins to develop a sense of balance. It also develops a skin color.
  • Week 24

    The babys lungs begin to develop. It begins to practice breathing. As a mother, you should excerise.
  • Week 25

    The babys organs fully develop, the nostirls are developing, and the babys brain cell start to mature and develop.
  • week 30

    Hands are now fully formed and fingernails are growing and can be seen on ultrasounds. Hair on the head and eyebrows begins to thicken.
  • Week 31

    Baby's lungs and digestive tract are almost there to being developed. The baby can now hear full sounds and listen to music while moving with the rhythm. All of it organs are done functions.
  • weeks 32

    During this time, the babys movements have not changed but the reproductive systme of the baby are starting to develop.
  • week 33

    The nails of the baby have reached the end of the fingers. The baby will also be drawing calcium from the mom so the bones will harden.
  • week 34

    The next couple of weeks are crucial. The baby will start shifting around. If all goes well, the baby will be lined up with the birth canal. At the week, the baby could be born but wth high risks of prematurity.
  • Week 35

    The babys ungs are almost fully developed. The baby can also grab onto things, differenciate sounds and coordinate their reflexes.
  • week 36

    This is when your baby may drop into the birthing canal. You may or may not have birthing contractions. If so, once they subside, you will be able to walk around.
  • week 37

    ONce you are at your week 38 mark, you are considered at term. As the baby slips more into the birthing canal, it may start doing circles for daily activity.
  • Week 38

    The development of the baby is complete. The baby has a full head of hair now. The baby will continue to collect fat to help regulate the tempature of the body until it is birthed
  • Week 39

    Your baby should be coming any day now. The baby has reached its final brthing station and will be sitting on your bladder until its reached it time to come out of the vagina.
  • It is time.

    It is time.
    This week will be the most uncomfortable week ever. The baby will continue to , not so much as kick, but squirm around. The legs will be tucked up to its chest, and its knees against the nose. The bones of babywill be soft and flexible to help ease the process of delivery through the birth canal.