Fetal Development Timeline

  • beginning of ovulation

    beginning of ovulation
    When a mature egg is released from the ovary, pushed down the fallopian tube, and is available to be fertilized. There is only a 24 hour opening for this.
  • Week 1

    Week 1
    Open window to fertilization, a small amount of mucus will develop on the woman clitorus, showing signs of the woman's body preparing to get fertilized
  • week 2

    week 2
    the uterus is getting ready for ovulation, so it an prepare the arrival for the fertilzed egg. you may even be able to tell your pregnant (urintation sticks)
  • Cleavage

    When the fertilized egg divides for the first time and forms two cells, it will then start to divide faster in multiples of two, this is when the chance of making a twin his.
  • week 3

    week 3
    this is where the egg is called a zygote, however it wont stay single for long, this is where the egg will start to split.
  • Rapid cell splitting

    Rapid cell splitting
    within the 24 hour opening, the egg begins dividing rapidly into man cells. It remains inside the fallopian tube for 3-4 days, and it continues to divide as it passes slowly through the tube...
  • implantaion

    Three days after the egg leaves the tube. and the bastocyte breaks. Ando allows the eye to pass through the tube more smoothly
  • Week 4

    Week 4
    The cell goes into the eggs and choses if it's going to be X or Y chromosome, the cell will also start division and even move around into the vagina.
  • Blastocyste

    the blastocyst attaches to the lining of the uterus, usually near the top.
    -This process, called implantation
    -this is what cause the egg to move
  • Week 5

    Week 5
    The amniotic fluid is being built up, the egg can now start to breathe/ get oxygen. frequent urination and diarrhea may.
  • week 6

    week 6
    your baby's jaw, cheeks and chin are just starting to form, just starting. folds of soft tissue also form round your baby's head.
  • Embryo

    The blastocyte cells ultimately form a little ball/embryo.
    -the baies first nerves start to form
    -you can now pee on a stick and see that your pregnant
  • month 1

    month 1
    As the fertilized egg grows...
    -a water-tight sac formed around it
    -baby is 1/4 inch long
    -blood cells are taking shape
  • Week 7

    Week 7
    The baby has grown from 10,000 time it's size from a month ago, it has started to develop kidneys and organs, it's head and limps start to even form.
  • fetus

    After eight weeks of the concepion , the developing baby is called a fetus.
    -you'll start to gain Baby Weight.
    -you'll start to "glow".
  • Week 8

    Week 8
    The baby continues to grow, and will now begin to move, which my cause you morning sickness, it will even start to grow eye balls and lids
  • Week 9

    Week 9
    embryonic stage ending and the baby is entering the fetal period, it will also grow new organs like liver, gallbladder and spleen, and a heartbeat can now be heard
  • Week 10

    Week 10
    Your babys bones are being developed and teeth are even starting to format in its gums, it's skull is even taking shape to the way it's angled in the mother.
  • month 2

    month 2
    as the baby grows...
    -brain starts to form
    -heart beat can be detected
    -bab is about an inch long
  • Week 12

    Week 12
    Your baby's digestive system can now fully work, and your baby has develop most of its organs, the baby is also now the size of a plumb.
  • month 3

    month 3
    the baby's...
    -arms and legs start to form
    -all the organs are present
    -the chance of a miscarriage drops considerably after three months.
  • Week 15

    Week 15
    Your baby has developed most of its face. It's ears are now correctly portioned on his head, and little black dots that for eyes start to appear.
  • Week 18

    Week 18
    The baby has created a nervous system cand has even developed a small amount of hearing, sight and smell, the baby can also even yawn!
  • month 4

    month 4
    your baby's...
    -fingers and toes are well-defined
    -the baby can suck its thumb, yawn, and stretch
    -hair,eyes, eyelids, and nails are formed
  • Week 21

    Week 21
    Your baby is about the size of a pickle! And it even starts to develop taste buds. Besides from moving your baby also is starting to now sleep through the the day.
  • month 5

    month 5
    your baby's...
    -gootting to move around
    -weights about 1 pound, and is 10 inches tall
    -body is covered in hair
  • Week 24

    Week 24
    Baby's face is almost done, it can develop hearing a lot better now, and its starting to get a belly button
  • month 6

    month 6
    The baby will start to recognize voices. The baby's lungs will get stronger, and itshe heart rate will start to Chang rapidly.
  • Week 27

    Week 27
    Your baby can hiccup and can even taste foof now, it has developed a crown, that is still soft, and can wiggle it's toes and hands.
  • Week 30

    Week 30
    As your belly now becomes noticeably bigger, your baby starts to develop a functional brain, and blood starts to format iin it's bone marrow.
  • Month 7

    Month 7
    You experince musculoskeletal pain to insomnia. The baby's eyes will start to move, and it's pigment will show
  • Week 32

    Week 32
    Your baby is now practice survival skills, such as breathing, it is even ducking it's thumb in the womb.
  • week 34

    week 34
    your baby is growning finger nails and toes and you can now fully tell your babies gender, because your baby is starting to grow testicles or a larger more shaped clitours
  • week 35

    week 35
    your baby is growing to be a plumb baby, its once skinny arms and legs have now thrippled in size. and the babys skull remains nice and soft.
  • Month 8

    Month 8
    The baby's eyes can now blink and move a little, pigment in their eyes will show, and there will be less kicking
  • week 36

    week 36
    The baby's bones are still not fused together, in fact hat wont be until later on when the baby grows up. the baby's digestive isnt even finished developing.
  • week 38

    week 38
    The Baby is getting ready for birth this means that the baby continues to shed from your baby's body into the amnoitic fluid. which the baby also eats it and turns into bile.
  • week 40

    week 40
    this is it! your baby is ready to see the world, the baby is done being developed ( besides its bones and a few smaller organs that will develop over time when the babys older) and all its waiting for is its time.
  • Day of baby birth

    Day of baby birth
    Congratulations! You have a healthy baby,
    -the baby will cry
    - it will be hugged by you
    - it can even laugh