Fetal dev

Fetal Development week 1- week 40

  • Week 40!!!!!!

    This is the final week. The baby is fully developed and ready to go!!!
  • Week 1

    This is the last week of menstrual cycle.
    When the bleeding starts thats concidered the first day.
  • Period: to

    First Trimester

  • Week 2 - Fertilization

    The sperm fertilized the egg abd the cell begins to divide rapidly. 36 hours after fertilization occurs the cell travels down the fallopian tube.
  • Week 3

    The cell begins to divide after fertilization. After 80 hours after ovulation and dividing the call has all 46 chromosomes and travels down the fallopian tube. Then the embryo burrows into the uterus.
  • Week 4 - implantation

    After the embryo is implanted into the wall of the uterus it is called a blastocyst. This will cause the hormone human gonadotrophin to be released in to the blood stream. This hormone tell the uterus to stay in place for the growing blastocyst.
  • Week 5

    Week 5
    The embryo is beginng to develope along with the placenta. The embryo starts recieving nutrients and oxygen. The menstrual cycle has stoped.
  • Week 6

    Although the embryo is just the size of a raisin is starts developing spinal cord, 5 parts of the brain, eye sockets, blood vessles and blood cells. The heart is also developing and starting to beat.
  • Week 7

    The legs and arms are beginng to form. Organs are also start to form like the lungs and liver.
  • Week 8

    The embryo is starting to practice moving. mouth and teeth are starting to from.
  • Week 9

    The main construction the heart is made. The tounge and larynx is developing. Also the eye lids were forming.
  • Week 10

    The embryo is now called a fetus. The muscles are mostly developed.The fingerprint can now be seen.
  • Week 11

    The fingers and toes are seperate now. The cartlige is becoming bone. The taste buds are forming.
  • Week 12

    The fetus finger and toe nails are formed. The fetus can also feel pain. It can also suck on its thumb.
  • Week 13

    The fetus can open and close the mouth. You may also determine if the fetus is a boy or girl.
  • Period: to

    2nd trimester

  • Week 14

    The baby can now urinate. Hairs are forming all around the body. Bones are getting more stronger.
  • Week 15

    Finger and toe nails are present, The skin is still thin. This also the beginning of 2nd trimester.
  • Week 16

    Fat is forming under the skin. The fetus can breath this helps in lung development. The fetus can also hear, sleep and dream.
  • Week 17

    The fetus eyes are senstive to light. The skeleton is getting stronger from the cartilage.
  • Week 18

    Fetus has resting and active periods. the skin is building a protective wax layer.
  • Week 19

    The fetus genitals are distinct. scalp hair is sprouting. Depending on the sex of the baby the females vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes are formed.
  • Week 20 - Halfway there!

    The skin is getting thicker. The baby regconizes familiar sounds like mothers voice. This is also the halfway point.
  • Week 21

    Bone marrow is producing blood cells. The small intestine is absorbing sugars. The sex organs are formed.
  • Week 22

    Fetus can react to loud sounds. The baby has regular sleep and wake habits.
  • Week 23

    The baby skin pigment is forming. The eyebrows are formed. The pancreas is producing insulin for breaking down sugars.
  • Week 24

    The fetus gains 3 onces a week from here. If born at this stage then the baby can survive.
  • Week 25

    The sex organs are fully developed. The bones are hardend and hands are developed.
  • Week 26 - End of 2nd trimester

    The fetus eyes begin to open around this time. The fetus responds to touch. Thumb sucking calms the baby.
  • Period: to

    3rd Trimester

  • Week 27

    The fetus eyes can now blink. The hearing continues to develop. The brain continues rapid growth.
  • Week 28

    The eyes are moving in sockets. The milk teeth have formed under the gums.
  • Week 29

    The fetus brain is developing neurons. The head is also getting larger. The fetus tastes and responds to pain.
  • Week 30

    The skin is smother at this point. The fetus controls its own body temperature.
  • Week 31

    The eyes are completely open now. Some oragn are almost matured lke the lungs.
  • Week 32

    The skin continues to thicken. If male the testes move down to scrotum.
  • Week 33

    The baby fuzz is disappearing. The fetus drinks about a pint of amniotic fluid and day.
  • Week 34

    The fetus would have a great chance of survial at this point. Fat keeps building up.
  • Week 35

    The lungs are fully developed. About 90% of babys live if born at the time.
  • Week 36

    The baby gains weight everyday. The baby may also go toward the birth canal at this point,
  • Week 37

    Baby should be around 7 pounds at this time. The mothers water could break at any time.
  • Week 38

    Development is complete. The main goal is building up fat. The baby is also in the final brith postion.
  • Week 39

    The uterus is very cramped at this point. The baby should come any day now.