Fetal Timeline

By Zoe T
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    A mature egg released from the ovary
  • First Month

    First Month
    Ovulation and conception. Embryo is just cells. About the size of a grain of rice.
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    Embryo Develops

    The single cell that was created is beginning to divide into same cells. During the first month, the embryo is only four cells in the first month.
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    Becoming pregnant
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    Germinal Stage

    The single zygote remains a single cell for about 30 hours, and then begins to divide. On the third day it has formed a hollow ball of 32 cells. This ball of cells enters the uterus where it continues dividing rapidly.
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    A primitive face forms. There are large dark circles for eyes and the mouth, lower jaw, and throat are developing. Blood cells form and circulation begins.
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    First Trimester

    The first three months of pregnancy.
  • Second Month

    Second Month
    By the end of the second month, the baby is now a fetus.
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    Second Month Measurments

    The child is now considered a fetus, and is about 2.54 cm long, weighing approximately 9.45g.
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    Second Month Developments

    The baby's facial features continue growing. Each ear begins to form as just a tiny flap. Little buds, that will eventually form into arms and legs, begin to appear. Fingers, toes, and eys also begin forming. The neural tube ( brain, spinal cord, and other central nervous tissue) is well formed. The digestive tract and sensory organs begin to develop. Bone begins replacing cartilage and the child begins moving, however the mother can not feel it.
  • Third Month

    Third Month
    The child contiues developing. The end of the third month is the end of the first trimester.
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    Third Month Development

    The baby is fully formed, however the child will continue growing. The child can now open and close its fists and mouth. Fingernails and toenails are beginning to develop. The child's reproductive organs are forming, however it is difficult to determine gender over ultrasound.The circulatory and urinary systems develop.
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    Third Month Measurements

    By the end of the third month, the fetus is roughly 7.6- 10 cm long, weighing about 28g.
  • Fourth Month

    Fourth Month
    The child continues developing
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    Fourth Month Developments

    The eyes are moving into position, and the wrists and ankles are forming. The head is still larger than the rest of the body. Fingerprints begin forming, and facial features become more prominent. The child begins responding to outside stimuli. Eyebrows begin forming, bones are getting harder, and the child may begin sucking its thumb. The gender can now be identified.
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    Second Trimester

    This is the 4-6 month
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    Fourth Month Developments

    By the end of the fourth month the baby is about 8.7 cm and weighs 43g.
  • Fifth Month

    Fifth Month
    The baby continues developing and growing.
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    Fifth Month Measurements

    By the end of the fifth month the baby weighs 300g and is about 16.4cm long.
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    Fifth Month Developments

    The baby begins creating fat and the lungs begin exhaling amniotic fluid. Hair on the head, eyebrows, and eyelashes are growing. Taste buds are beginning to develop and the baby can now yawn and streatch. The baby's skin is begininning to develop pigment.
  • Sixth Month

    Sixth Month
    The baby's growth rate is slowing down, but still continuing to grow.
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    Sixth Month Developments

    The baby is beginning to form white blood cells, and is becoming more responsive to outside stimuli.
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    Sixth Month Measurements

    By the end of the sixth month, the child is about 30 cm long and weighs roughly 600g.
  • Seventh Month

    Seventh Month
    The baby continues growing.
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    Seventh Month Developments

    The child's hearing is fully developed. The baby can now cry. The baby is growing plumper and can now begin to maintiain its own body tempeture.
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    Seventh Month Measurements

    By the end of the seventh monthe the baby is roughly 3lbs and about 16 inches long.
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    Third Trimester

    This is the last trimester of pregnancy and lasts from the seventh to the ninth month.
  • Eighth Month

    Eighth Month
    The baby continues growing and developing.
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    Eight Month Development

    The baby can now distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar voices and sounds. The baby now fills most of the uterus, but may still do somersaults. The baby will begin gaining lots more weight and will begin laying in the fetal position. Toenails have not yet fully formed, and the child may begin staying in the head down position. All of the organs are fully mature except for the lungs.
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    Eight Month Measurement

    By the end of the eigth month, the baby weighs about 5lbs, and is almost 20 inches long.
  • Ninth Month

    Ninth Month
    This is the last month of pregnancy.
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    Ninth Month Development

    The baby begins practing blinking and will move down further into the pelvisand will assume the head down position in preparation for birth. The fingernails are completley grown.
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    Ninth Month Measurements

    By the end of the ninth month, the baby weighs about 7.5 pounds and is roughly 20.16 inches long.
  • Birth

    After ninth months, the baby will exit from the nirth canal. Labor can last for hours, but all this is worth it to hold that little bundle of newly formed life.