9 Months In The Womb

  • WEEK 1

    WEEK 1
    -The 40 week pregnancy begins whis lasts about 266 days the moment the egg id fertilized. Ovulation begins 14 days before the start of a period. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd month is the first trimester.
  • WEEK 2

    WEEK 2
    -Every month about 3 to 10 eggs recieve a hormonal signal that helps mature and prepare for ovulation. This egg is known as the ova, the baby forms from an egg into a cell which divides that multiplies rapidly.
  • WEEK 3

    WEEK 3
    -The egg goes through the fallopion tube where the egg will become fertilized. the baby is set as a biy with Y chromosomes or girl with X chromosomes. The sex of the baby comes from the fathers sperm chromosomes, the cells have DNA to become a fetus. Cell division contuinues and implantation begins after 3 Days.
  • WEEK 4

    WEEK 4
    -Implantation occurs, fertilization determines if your baby is a girl or boy, 40 chromosomes make a persons physical characteristics. This egg is called blastocyte this embryo is now one-hundreth inch long. This embryo is the size of a pinhead.
  • WEEK 5

    WEEK 5
    -This embryo is a tiny speck about 2mm, and about 4-5mm by the end of the week.Theplacenta will develop and the embryo will begib to get oxygen and nutrients through the placenta.
  • WEEK 6

    WEEK 6
    -Four weeks from concemption the embryo is now 8mm, the spinal corn now opens then closes, the babys heart if forming and begins to beat. The brain divides into five parts, and cells being to form the arms and legs
  • WEEK 7

    WEEK 7
    -Five weeks from concemption heart beats with chamber and a wall is formed in the heart. The jaw and vocal cords are also forming, as well as the ears other organs are being create such as, lungs, liver, pancreas, and the thyroid gland.
  • WEEK 8

    WEEK 8
    -Six weeks from concemption, this embryo is 18mm long, The elbows and toes are visible. The embryos feet and hands aren't visible just yet, moving starts but the birth giver would'nt feel this action until week 20. Face shaping, mouth and nostrills begin to develop, eyes are hallow lastly, teeth develope under the gums.
  • WEEK 9

    WEEK 9
    -Seven weeks from consemption, finernails and toes are developed. Cartlidge, bones, upper lip, and nose form as well as the larynx.The eyelids are developed but, they stay closed doe several months. The constructon of the heart is also completed.
  • WEEK 10

    WEEK 10
    -8 weeks after conception, known as a fetus until after birth this embryo is the size of a strawberry. All muscles are formed the baby begins to shift and move around. The hair and nipples also form at this time.
  • WEEK 11

    WEEK 11
    -9 weeks after conception baby's fingers and toes seperate, taste buds develop. Has the ability to stick out tongue and swallow, if the baby is the boy the testicle begins to create testosterone.
  • WEEK 12

    WEEK 12
    -The baby is about 6cm in length and 7 oz, the fetus moves and you could see the babys face. The pancreas is functioning and produces insulin. Finger and toe nails are visible, the baby can suck on its thumb, and it can get hiccups.
  • WEEK 13

    WEEK 13
    -Fetus weighs about 1 oz and is 3 inches long, the nose and chin is defined. The baby can open and close its mouth, at this point you could maybr determine the gender of the baby.
  • WEEK 14

    WEEK 14
    -Fetal age 12weeks, 3 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 oz. The eyes begin to grow a little more defined, the nose is pronounced as well as the ears. Cheek bones and hai appear, and the kidneys produce urine.
  • WEEK 15

    WEEK 15
    -13 weeks the baby is over 4 inches and about 2.7 oz. The baby's skin is very thin and the finger and toe nils are very noticable.
  • WEEK 16

    WEEK 16
    -Age is 14 weeks 5 inches from head to buttocks and 3.5 oz. The baby os covered and protected to maintain temperature. Fat forms under the skin, and the baby can hear external voices, sleeps and dreams.
  • WEEK 17

    WEEK 17
    -The fetal age is 15 weeks, the umbilical cord is thicker and stronger. the baby is 5 inches long and weighs about 5 oz. The baby also begins to relase its first stools.
  • WEEK 18

    WEEK 18
    -Ages 16 weeks the baby is 6 inches long and weighes 7 oz. The fetus can hear sounds and could even get scared from loud noises. The skin is also growing a protective wax layer.
  • WEEK 19

    WEEK 19
    -The baby's genetals are reconizable and they are very alert in the womb. 6.5 inches long and 9 oz and most of the baby's features are visible in the ultra sound.
  • WEEK 20

    WEEK 20
    -The baby is 18 weeks and is 7 inches long and 11 oz. This fetus can reconize its mothers voice and the skin is getting thicker.
  • WEEK 21

    WEEK 21
    -Ages 19 weeks 10.5 inches long and weighs 12.7 oz the baby is gaining weight with the fat. The bone marrow makes the blood cells, and the small intestine stores sugars,
  • WEEK 22

    WEEK 22
    -Baby ages 19 weeks and is about 28 cm long. The baby reacts to loud sounds this fetus has a regular sleeping rythm and could awake from the mothers movements. Taste buds also form.
  • WEEK 23

    WEEK 23
    -The baby measures over 25 cm and weighs over 25 g. the bones are geting harder and the baby can suck successfully.
  • WEEK 24

    WEEK 24
    -The baby gains about 3 oz a week and weighs about 1.3 lbs and 12 inch long. Eyelids can be seen. At this time it may be able to survive.
  • WEEK 25

    WEEK 25
    -13.5 inches and 1/2 pounds, the hands are developed and the bones are developed and solid. The bain groups rapidly, as well as the brain cells mature and the sex organs are fully developed.
  • WEEK 26

    WEEK 26
    -Ages 23 weeks ans is about 14 inches long and 1.7 lbs. The feet are 2 inches and the hands are active and the eyes open.
  • WEEK 27

    WEEK 27
    -The fetus is 25 weeks, weighs 2 pounds and is 14.5 inches long. The head is over 2.5 inches. Hearing developes, and the eyes are able to open and close.
  • WEEK 28

    WEEK 28
    -The fetus is 2.2 pounds and 14.8 inches long. The hair on the head is visible. And the eyes move in the sockets.
  • WEEK 29

    WEEK 29
    -Age 27 weeks, 2 1/2 pounds and 15 inches long. The brain is developing of nurons. Muscles and lungs mature.
  • WEEK 30

    WEEK 30
    -28 weeks, 16 inches and 3 pounds, and the head is 3.5 inches, The wrinkled becomes smooth and contols the body temperature.
  • WEEK 31

    WEEK 31
    -29 weeks of age, 3.5 punds and 16.5 inches. The eyes resond to light darkness. Loud noises can also make the babys body jump.
  • WEEK 32

    WEEK 32
    -The fetus is 17 inches and 4 pounds, inch diamater.The skins layer gets thicker
  • WEEK 33

    WEEK 33
    -4.4 pounds, and 17.5 inches, the head is 8.5 cm in diameter. The baby has fuzz, and drinks pints of fluid.
  • WEEK 34

    WEEK 34
    -18 inches long. 5.25 pounds. The baby will have asuccessful life out of the womb at this time. Fat pumps into the arms and legs this week.
  • WEEK 35

    WEEK 35
    -18.5 inches long, and 5.5 pounds. The baby's reflexes are coordinates and the lungs are almost fully developed. 90% of babies that are born this week survive.
  • WEEK 36

    WEEK 36
    -19 inches, 6 pounds. The baby becomes chubby as the fat layers build. The baby gains an oz a day, and contractions are near.
  • WEEK 37

    WEEK 37
    -19.5 inches, 7 pounds, and the heads diamater is over 5.5 inches. The water could break at any time,
  • WEEK 38

    WEEK 38
    -20 inches, 7.5 pounds. The body fat in the body of the baby still continues. Skin is ery smooth, and the head of the baby is beginning to go twards the vagina.
  • WEEK 39

    WEEK 39
    -20 inches, 7.5 pounds. The baby is in birth position, the baby is very cramped. Kicks, and pushed the lower abdomen.
  • WEEK 40

    WEEK 40
    -Delivery time, all systems develop ready for birth. The baby is 20 inches and about 7.5 pounds. Contractions begin at any moment.