Fetal Development

  • The First Day of Menstuation

    The First Day of Menstuation
    The first day of menstruation is considered the first day of pregnancy. From this date on starts the 40 weeks time span o pregnancy.
  • Period: to

    From the Start of the Last Period to Birth

  • The Meeting

    The Meeting
    The sperm and egg make contact. Only one sperm breaks through because only one sperm is needed.
  • Cells Join & Divide

    Cells Join & Divide
    Soon after fertilization, the cells start rapidly multiplying.
  • Implantation

    After cell division, the zygote floats in the uterus for a few days before burrowing into the thickening endometrium.
  • The Start of the Embryonic Stages

    The Start of the Embryonic Stages
    Near the end of week 5, the nerves forming the spinal cord have started to form.
  • Heartbeat

    At week 6 a pipe shaped heart has formed and begins to beat.
  • Limb Development

    Limb Development
    At Thhis point arms and legs have begun to form. The heart is beating with one chamber.
  • Begins to Practice Moving

    Begins to Practice Moving
    At this point the face is beginning to develop and the embryo is about 18 mm long.
  • Digits Form

    Along with fingers and toes, the upper lip and nose have begun to form. Embryo measures 30 mm and the main structure of the heart is complete.
  • Once Embryo, Now Fetus

    Ears and nose can are developed and fingerprint formation is evident.
  • Neurons Multiply

    The fetus much resembles a newborn already. The brain is multiplying at a rapid rate of 250,000 cells per minute.
  • Finger and Toenails

    Along with fingernails and toenails, the fetus now has a facial profile. fetus is around 2.5 inches long now.
  • Baby Flexes and Kicks

    Bones begin to replace cartilage and ribs begin to appear.
  • Hormones Begin

    By now the fetus begins to develop the prostate if it is a male, and ovaries begin to set in place in the females.
  • Bones and Muscles Form

    Bone and marrow continue to develop while the fetus has just aquired an adult's set of taste buds.
  • Facial Expressions

    The facial muscles have developed allowing for facial expressions tp occur. Baby is now nearly 5 inches.
  • Fat Accumulates

    They fetus is recycling amniotic fluid now, and fat begins to be stored under the skin.
  • Baby Begins to Hear

    The fetus can now hear, and may be startled by loud noises. At this point aveoli have begun to form.
  • Genitals Recognizable

    You can now identify the gender of your baby! baby is around 6.5 inches now.
  • Halfway to Ejection!

    Your baby is halfway to being evicted from the womb! It can now recognize the mothers voice and the mother can now feel fetal movements.
  • Nourishment Evolves

    Now the small intestine is beginning to absorb sugars and bone marrow is producing blood cells.
  • Taste Buds Develop

    The taste buds begin to develop on the babys tongue. At this point, the mother's movements can wake the baby.
  • Sense of balance develop

    Equilibrium has begun to develop in the baby. By now your friends and relatives will notice youre pregnant.
  • Practicing Breathing

    The lungs have begun to develop branches and the eyelids can be clearly seen now.
  • Baby Exploration

    Baby beguns more exstensive movements in the womb. Baby's hamds are now fully developed.
  • End of 2nd Trimester

    Baby can respond to touch and is very active in the womb at this point. Can move thumb into mouth.
  • Eye Opener

    Baby can now open its eyes! Baby now looks a lot like it will at birth.
  • Voice Recognition

    REM sleep can be detected at this point meaning the baby may be dreaming.
  • Movement is more forceful

    As baby explores more, the forceful movements are more promminents.
  • Baby puts on pounds

    As baby continues to absorb nutrients from the mothers diet, the baby gains weight starting at this week, making its way towards the final borth weight.
  • Baby Detects light

    Baby's lungs and digestive tract are very near to being mature. Weight gain exceeds length growth for the rest of the pregnancy.
  • Reproductive Development

    Sex organs now begin to drop into place (testis/clitoris).
  • Lanugo Disapears

    Baby begins to shed the fine layer of hairs in preperation for birth.
  • Rapid Growth Continues

    Weight gain continues at a rapid rate as baby nears birth.
  • Reflexes coordinate

    Baby gains half a pound per week in the last month.
  • Dropping Babies

    You may feel contractions as the baby drops into the birth canal.
  • At Term

    It is now possible to gve birth without the baby being determined premature, baby is fully developed.
  • Period: to

    Waiting for Labor!!