Fetus development timeline 1


  • Last period- week 1

    Last period- week 1
    ~This was the last week of the last period, during pregnancy.
    ~The first day of this, is when they calculate the first day of pregnancy.
    ~ Because actual fertilization is very hard to find they use the first day of the period as the fist day of pregnancy
  • Fertilization- week 2

    Fertilization- week 2
    ~The uterus is forming the endometruim.
    ~ In the 48 hours one sperm out of many will have to make it to the egg in time.
    ~As soon as the sperm reaches the egg, it closes itself off so no more sperm can get it.
  • New life begins- week 3

    New life begins- week 3
    ~The newly fertilized egg begins to divid.
    ~As soon as it is fertilized it is decided there whether it is a girl or a boy.
    ~This cell already has all of the DNA needed to become a child.
  • week 4, Implantation

    week 4, Implantation
    At this point cells began to divid rapidly, as its floating toward the uterus.
    As soon as the the egg reaches the uterus it burrows itself into the lining.
  • Embryoic stage - week 5

    Embryoic stage - week 5
    ~Amniotic fluid starts to build up.
    ~Embryo is now 4-5mm.
    ~Placenta starts to develop.
  • Heart beat - week 6

    Heart beat - week 6
    ~Embryo is now 8mm.
    ~Blood cells and vessels begin to for.
    ~Brain begins to divide.
  • Arms and legs-week 7

    Arms and legs-week 7
    ~Embryo is now 13mm.
    ~The digestive tract and nasal string are being created and developed.
    ~The lungs, liver, pancreas and the thyroid gland are being formed.
  • Movement practise- week 8

    Movement practise- week 8
    ~Embryo is now 18mm.
    ~Elbows and toes are visible.
    ~Face is beggining to form.
  • Fingers and toes- week 9

    Fingers and toes- week 9
    ~Fingers and toes look detailed.
    ~Cartilage begins to form.
    ~Upper lip, tongue and eyelids are formed.
  • Embryo to fetus- week 10

    Embryo to fetus- week 10
    The embryo is now a fetus
    It is now the size of a small berry
    Neck and body muscles are developing
    fingerprints are now there
  • Tongue and taste buds- week 11

    Tongue and taste buds- week 11
    ~The fetus is now 1.5 inches in size
    ~Taste buds have started to develop
    ~Tooth buds are there
    ~Fetus can swallow, and move tongue
  • fingernails and toenails- week 12

    ~the fetus is now about 2.5 inches long
    ~Fingernails and toenails now appear
    ~The baby now can get hiccups and has a habit of sucking its thumb
  • baby kicks - week 13

    ~Fetus is now 3 inches long
    ~Ribs, nose and chin have appeared
    ~You can feel slight movements of the baby
  • Hormones- week 14

    ~the fetus is now 3 1/2 inches long
    ~Eyes are moving to their correct position
    ~nose, ears, cheekbones are now developed fully
  • Bones and muscle - week 15

    ~Baby is now bigger than 4 inches
    ~Bones and muscles are growing
    ~The body is proportioning itself out.
  • Facial expressions- week 16

    ~Fetus is almost five inches
    ~ Fat is forming
    ~ Baby can now think and dream
    ~The baby can now also breathe
  • Fat- week 17

    ~The baby now weighs over 5 ounces and is five inches long
    ~The baby's eyes are looking forward now
    ~The baby is now storing fat
  • Hearing- week 18

    ~The baby is now 6 inches long and weighs 7 ounces
    ~They can now hear and be startled by loud noises
    ~Baby can now cry but without any air cant make any noises
  • Genitals- week 19

    ~Baby is now 6 1/2 inches and weighs 9 ounces
    ~Heart can be seen by ultrasound, gentitals can be seen.
    ~ scalp hair has sprouted
  • The halfway point - week 20

    ~The baby is now 7 inches and 11 ounces
    ~ the baby can now hear the mothers voice
  • nourashment - week 21

    ~The baby is now 10.5 inches and weighs 12 ounces
    ~The baby is now gaining weight
    ~ Is now able to abosrb sugar
  • Taste buds continued - week 22

    ~The baby is now 28 centimeters long
    ~reacts to loud sounds
    ~Eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed
    ~Finger nails are developed
  • Balance - week 23

    ~The baby is over 11 inches tall
    ~ Bones in middle ear have hardened
    ~ Pancreas is developing
  • practice breathing - week 24

    ~Baby is ow gaining 3 ounces a week
    ~ Lungs are developing branches
    ~ After this week your baby is now considered viable
  • Exploration - week 25

    ~ The baby is now around 13.5 inches long
    ~Hands are now fully developed and sexual organs are starting to develop
    ~ Brain cell begin to mature
  • End of second trimester - week 26v

    ~ This week will mark the end of the second trimester
    ~ The baby is now 14 inches long
    ~ The baby can now open its eyes
  • Eyes Cont- week 27

    ~The baby now weighs around two pounds
    ~ The haering has developed
    ~The eyes can blink as well as open now
  • Voice recognition - week 28

    ~The baby is now around 14 cm long
    ~ Milk teeth have developed and the eyes can move around
  • Forecful movement- week 29

    ~The baby now weighs 2-ish pounds
    ~ The baby can now taste food
    ~ The baby can now also feel pain
  • Baby is gaining weight - week 30

    ~Baby is now around 16 inches long
    ~ wrinkled skin has become smoother
    ~ Body tempature control
  • Light detection - week 31

    ~ Baby weighs about 3.5 pounds
    ~ Lungs are almost mature
  • Reproductive development - week 32

    ~The baby is now about 17 inches long
    ~ All nails are formed
    ~ Baby movements will be less forecful around this time
  • Lanugo is vanishing - week 33

    ~ The baby is now around 4 ish pounds
    ~ Baby fuzz is vanishing
    ~ At this point the mother may gain a pound a week until birth
  • Rapid growth - week 34

    ~The baby is now around 18 inches long
    ~ Baby is getting fat
    ~ At this baby is now able to survive outside of the womb if necessary
  • reflexes - week 35

    ~ Baby is now around 18 and a half long
    ~ Lungss are fully developed
  • baby can drop into birth canal -week 36

    ~The baby should weigh around 7 pounds
    ~ You may feel contractions
  • "at term" - week 37

    ~Now the baby should weigh around 19 and half pounds
    ~ Water can break at any time
  • Development is complete - week 38

    ~Baby is now around 20 inches
    ~ The baby may have now reached its final birth position
    ~ Most babies are born head first
  • Very close now

    ~Average baby is about 20 inches
    ~the baby will continue to punch and kick
  • Due date - week 40

    ~ Due date has arrived
    ~Contractions could begin at any moment
    ~unfortunately i was 3 weeks late
  • Birth

    ~Birth can happen at any time and so can contractions.
    ~The baby is around 7 punds at this point.
    ~In other words, i was born!!!!