The Great War Timeline

  • The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    The single terrorist act set off a chain reaction within the alliance system that would result in the largest war Europe-and the world had ever seen.
  • War was declared when Austria declined Serbia's offer

    In response of Austria's declaration of war, Russia who is Serbia's ally began moving its army toward the Russian-Austrian border.
  • Western Front Strategy

    Under the Schlieffan Plan large parts of the German army were to race to the West in order to defeat France and then would return to the east and fight Russia.
  • Eastern Front Developments

    There was many failed developments at the time and there has been many bloodshed from each side but it was mostly slaughter on the western front.
  • Allies attacked the Germans northeast of Paris

    The allies attacked on the Marne River and the German generals ordered to retreat after four days of fighting
  • The Gallipoli campaign

    The gallipoli campaign took place and British, New Zealand, Australian, and French troops assaulted the Gallipoli Peninsula on the western side. Some Turkish troops there were commanded by German officers defended the region.
  • Battle between the German and the French near Verdun

    During the month of February, the Germans launched an attack against the French near Verdun
  • Period: to

    British forces attacked the Germans

    Near 20,000 british soldiers were dead by the first day and the Birtish gained slightly five miles of land in te Somme valley while the Germans advanced about four miles near Verdun
  • "Unrestricted Submarine Warefare"

    This was a policy because the Germans announced their submarines would sink wothout warning any ships in the waters of Britain
  • United States entering the war

    America had been trading economically with the allies a lot more than with Central Powers. America also traded with Great Britain and France more than Germany. When President Wilson asked congress to declare war, America joined wilingly.
  • Development on Eastern Front

    Communist leader Vladimir Ilyich Lenin offered Germany a truce because he insisted on ending his country from involving any more in the war.
  • Germany and Russia sign a treaty to end the war

    The war between Russia and Germany was ended when they signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in March after Lenin offered it. The countries gained their independance even after the war when the treaty became invalid.
  • Second battle of Marne

    350 tanks lead the allies to attack through the German lines. The ally began more advance towards Germany when 2 million American troops arrived to help.
  • WWI ended

    WWI ended after four years of man slaughter and destruction. The leaders of the victious nations met up outside of Paris and worked out the terms of peace.
  • The Treaty of Versallies

    The Treaty of Versailles was signed between the allied powers and Germany.