The Great Fire of London

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  • Start of fire

    Start of fire
    Evening Thomas Farynor, baker to King Charles II, forgot to put out the fire in one of his ovens.
  • Fire development

    Fire development
    Sometime after 1:00 am on Sunday morning, a spark set fire to the straw on the bakery floor. The fire began to spread.
  • Fire development

    Fire development
    At 4:00 am London's mayor was advised to demolished houses. The mayor refused to give the order.
  • Period: to

    Fire spread

    Over the next three days and nights, the fire raged out of control.
  • Fire attenuation

    Fire attenuation
    The evening of Wednesday, when the strong winds finally died down, to bring the fire under control.
  • End of fire

    End of fire
    The fire was totally extinguished on Thursday. By the time five-sixths of the heart of th city had been destroyed. Over 13000 houses, 87 churches and 4 bridges, along with many important buildings, such as St Paul's Cathedral, were done. Astonishingly, however, it is thought that fewer than ten people died in the blaze!