The Gradual Increase of Nazi Persecution of the homosexuals

By izoi23
  • Reichstag fire decree

    This law was put into place by President von Hindenburg. This law took away the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the right for people to assemble. This meant that the government now could control what was being published to citizens of Germany. This persecution against the gays as they were not being given the correct information about what was going on in their country
  • Period: to

    before the war started

  • Enabling act

    The same as the fire decree They could only see propaganda
  • Burning of non germin books

    Burning non-germin books just like the other propaganda men they couldn't see real info
  • Revision of paragraph 175

    This law was huge persecution of gays as when this law was passed gays were instantly arrested and sent to camps
  • Period: to

    during the war

  • Harry poly pursacution then death

    He was 22 he got arrested for being gay by the revision of paragraph 175 witch makes gay people illegal
  • Germany invades poland

    This meant that gays were gonna get arrested as they are now in a danger zone
  • Soviet troops liberate auschwitz

    This ment that the gays in the camp had been freed witch they were in there for being gay
  • American troops liberate buchenwald

    This meant that the gays in the camp had been freed they had been in there for being gay
  • German forces surrender

    This meant that gays and other groups are free from persecution