The Glass Castle

  • Jeannette caught on fire

    Jeannette caught on fire making hot dogs when she was 3 years old. She stayed in the hospital for 6 weeks.
  • Hotel caught on fire

    The hotel the Walls' were staying at in Tenderloin District, San Francisco caught on fire in the middle of the night when Jeannette was 5 years old.
  • Maureen is born

    Jeannette was 6 years old when her little sister Maureen was born in Blythe, California.
  • Jeannette learns to swim

    Jeannette was 7 years old when she learned how to swim in Battle Mountain, Nevada by being thrown in constantly and almost drowning.
  • Moving

    Jeannette was 9 when they move to Pheonix, Arizona into their grandmothers huge mansion that she left for them when she died.
  • Move to Welch

    Jeannette is 10 when they decide to move to Welch, West Virgina, her fathers home town to live with her grandparents for fiancial help.
  • House on Little Hobart Street

    Jeannette was 11 years old when they moved out of their grandparents house and into an even tinier house on Little Hobart Street.
  • Newspaper club

    Jeannette goes into high school when she was 14 years old and joins the newspaper club, which inspires her to become a journalist.
  • Lori goes to New York

    Jeannette is 16 when her 18 year old sister Lori moves to New York.
  • Jeannette goes to New York

    Jeannette is 17 when she leaves Welch after finishing her junior year of high school and moves to New York with Lori.
  • Brian goes to New York

    Jeannette is 18 when she calls her brother Brian and asks him to come live with her and Lori. Brian finishes his junior year of high school and moves right away.
  • Maureen goes to New York

    Jeannette calls Maureen to see if she wants to live with Lori in New York, even though she is only 12, she moves right away.
  • The parents move to New York

    Jeannette's parents move to New York 3 years after Jeannette had moved.
  • Jeannette gets married

    Jeannette marries Eric.
  • Maureen breaks

    Maureen had been living with her parents when her mom suggested she move out and become independent, she gets so mad she stabs her mom and gets arrested. After she is released she moves to California and stays there for a long time.
  • Jeannettes dad dies

    Jeannette's dad dies of a heart attack
  • Jeannette divorces

    Jeannette divorces Eric.
  • Jeannette marries John

    Jeannette marries John and couldn't be happier with him.
  • Thanksgiving

    The whole Walls family gathers at Jeannettes house, and it is the last get together in the book and probably the best family event they have had in a very long time.