The Giver, and My Life Timeline

  • Year One-Naming and Family

    The newchildren were given their names.
  • Birthdate

    I was born in Noblesville, IN.
  • 1st move to South Carolina

    My family and I moved to South Carolina.
  • Year Two-Potty Training

    The twos might have been potty trained.
  • On University of South Carolina football field with Cocky the mascot

    When we moved to South Carolina my dad worked there and I got to go on the football field with him to see the mascot every home game.
  • Year Three-Female Hair Ribbons

    Year three is when the females received their hair ribbons.
  • Moved to Florida

    My family moved to Florida to live with my grandparents. When I was there I swam every day because I wasn't old enough to go to school yet.
  • Year Four-Back Buttoned Jackets

    The fours got their back buttoned jackets so they could have each other help button them.
  • First bike

    I got my first bike the Christmas of 2004.
  • Year Five-Back Zipped Jackets

    i am guessing that after they had back buttoned jackets and then they might have back zipped jackets.
  • Year Six-Front Zipped Jackets

    I am guessing the sixes got maybe front zipped jackets before front buttoned.
  • First Build-a-Bear

    On my birthday I got my first Build-a-Bear.
  • Visited the Grand Canyon

    My family and I visited the Grand Canyon with my grandparents.
  • Year Seven-Front Buttoned Jacket

    The Sevens went from back buttoned jackets to front buttoned jackets.
  • Awarded collegiate reader

    I was awarded collegiate reader (800pages).
  • Year Eight-begin volunteer hours

    The Eights began their volunteer hours.
  • First place softball throw field event

    I was in Track and Field and I won first place in the softball throw field event.
  • Year Nine-the children receive their bicycles

    All the nines get to have their first bikes.
  • Year Ten-Haircut

    Everyone got their adult haircuts.
  • Birthday Party at Carribean Cove

    My birthday party was at Carribean Cove indoor waterpark and hotel. My friends and I spent the night at the hotel.
  • My first dog

    I got my first dog at the Hamilton County Humane Society.
  • Girls Fastpitch Softball World Series

    My softball team went to the world series in Vaparaiso, Indiana.
  • Year Eleven-Adult clothing

    The Elevens got their adult clothing for the next year when they get their assignments.
  • Year Twelve-Assignments

    The Twelves received their jobs for the rest of their lives.