The First Fleet

  • First Fleet Leaves England Under Command of Captain Phillip

    Portsmouth, England
  • The last sight of England.

    Lizard Point, England
  • The fleet reaches the Canary Island.

    Canary Islands
  • The First Fleet leaves the Canary Islands

    Canary Islands
  • First Fleet arrives at Cape Verde Islands but cannot land

  • The First Fleet crosses the equator

  • First Fleet reaches islands at entrance to port of Rio de Janeiro

  • First Fleet docks at Rio de Janeiro to take on supplies

    Rio de Janeiro
  • First Fleet departs from Rio de Janerio

    Rio de Janeiro
  • Cape of Good Hope is first spotted

  • First fleet lands at Table Bay, Cape Town for supplies

    Table Bay, Cape Town
  • First Fleet departs from table bay

  • Hms Supply and three other ships move ahead of the convoy to become an advance party

  • Fleet sights the south of Van Diemen's Land for the first time

    Van Diemen's Land
  • HMS Supply arrives in Botany Bay

    Botany Bay
  • Entire fleet arrives is Botany Bay

    Botany Bay
  • Captain Phillip and Captain Hunter go north to find a more suitable settlement site because of a lack of fresh water

  • Entire fleet anchors in Port Jackson