The Fighter

  • Tom Spring

    Tom Spring defeated Jack Langan in a British championship boxing match that lasted 2½ hours.
  • The London Prize Ring

    The London Prize Ring Rules were instituted with bare-knuckle rounds of unspecified length. Rounds ended when a fighter touched ground with a knee. The rules were based on those drafted by Britain's Jack Broughton in 1743, and governed the conduct of prizefighting/bare-knuckle boxing for over 100 years. They were later superseded by the Marquess of Queensberry rules (1865), the origins of the modern sport of Boxing.
  • Tom Sayers

    English boxer Tom Sayers (1826-1865) fought John Heenan (1833-1873) of the US for 37 rounds in an international bare-knuckle match at Farnborough, Hampshire, that was called a draw. Heenan was later acclaimed as the "World Boxing Champion."
  • James J. Corbett fought Peter "Black Prince"

    James J. Corbett fought Peter "Black Prince" Jackson (1861-1901), in a much-heralded bout between San Francisco cross-town rivals. Since Corbett and Jackson were boxing instructors at the two most prestigious athletic clubs. They fought to a draw after 61 rounds. Jackson had won the Australian heavyweight championship in 1886 and the British Empire title in 1892
  • Frankie Campbell

    Max Baer (1909-1959) knocked out Frankie Campbell in the 5th round of a boxing match in San Francisco. Campbell died and Baer was jailed, but then cleared by a grand jury. On Oct 1 a municipal judge dismissed manslaughter charges against Baer.
  • Kevin Payne

    Boxer Kevin Payne, 34, died one day after winning an eight-round welterweight bout in Evansville, Ind.
  • The International Boxing Association (AIBA)

    The International Boxing Association (AIBA) said it has begun legal action after the BBC repeated the previous evening that boxing medals could be bought at London 2012. The BBC had repeated an allegation first made in a Newsnight documentary last September that around $10m had been paid from Azerbaijan to boxing authorities in return for two golds.