The Fall of The Romanov Dynasty

  • Revolution of 1905

    Revolution of 1905
    Peasant uprising that lasted two years. Resulted in a new constitution, State of Duma and establishment of limited monarchy. Tsar Nicholas II ignored these new restricions on his power within the first year.
  • Period: to

    The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty

  • October Manifesto

    October Manifesto
    Freedoms given to the people of Russia. Soon revoked.
  • Times of Starvation and Economic Trouble

    Times of Starvation and Economic Trouble
    After Russia had pulled out of WWI, they were in disarray. Russia had not modernized and they were falling behind with producing goods, meaning they were falling behind economially. Common people were also going hungry because the farmers were required to serve in the failing army.
  • February Revolution

    February Revolution
    Resulted in the abdication of Nicholas ll in favor of his brother Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich. With Nicholas II taking over the army, the army resented him just as much as the peasants. When he sent the army to squash the revolution, the sided with the peasants and rose up against the tsar.
  • House Arrest

    House Arrest
    The Romanov family was placed under house arrest by Provisional Government
  • Effects on Russia After Romanov Execution

    Effects on Russia After Romanov Execution
    The Bolesheviks overthrew the provisional government. The Bolsheviks were the communist party of the Soviet Union. They came to power because of the revolution. The revolution was not intended, but people were running out of food, heat, and water. They protested against Romanovs to try to get what they wanted back and because they wanted to stop fighting in the war. The Bolsheviks promised the Russians peace, bread, and land.
  • Execution of Family

    Execution of Family
    A few minutes after the family was put in cellar room, an execution squad of secret police was brought in and Yurovsky read aloud the order he was given by the Ural Executive Committee. Nicholas ll was surprised by the unexpeced news and Yurovsky reread the order and then the secret police raised their weapons.Yurovsky himself killed Nicholas with a gunshot wound to the head. All members of the family and anyone with them were killed.
  • Leading to the Execution

    Leading to the Execution
    The Supreme Soviet ordered the exection of the family and was signed by Yakov Sverdlov in Moscow. Yakov Yurovsky, the commandment of The House of Special Purpose, ordered the family's physician, Dr. Eugene Botkin to wake the family and tell them they were to be moved to a safer location. The family was then led to a small cellar room where the execution took place.