The Extraordinary Life of Bobby McMullen

  • Born

    .Born in Northern California .Raised in Northern California
  • Diagnosed With Diabetes

    .Diagnosed with diabetes at age twelve .It was type 1 diabetes which usually forms during childhood, or adolesence
  • First Year of Law School

    First Year of Law School
    Bobby said, " I've got 20/1200 vision in one eye, that was the best correction they could get in my right eye."
  • Skiing World Championship Games

    Skiing World Championship Games
    .Learned to ski with a guide and made it to the games .Right before the games Bobby's kidney failed .He needed dialysis to start to get better
  • First Double Transplant

    .After dialysis Bobby got a kidney and pancreas double transplant .30 days afterward saw hopeful lab results
  • Alpine Downhill Ski Competition

    .Took fifth place in the competition .Sadly his kidneys failed again, around this time
  • On Dialysis

  • Second Double Transplant

    .Had a successful double transplant after two years on dialysis. .After he tempararily stopped skiing.
  • Began Mountain biking

    .Raced in the Challenged Athletes Half Iron Man and found biking was his favorite part . Bobby said, " I can hear the guide shift and hear their bike rattle. I don't see any detail, but can find where they're at."
  • Nissan XTERRA World Championship Mountain Bike Triathlon

    Nissan XTERRA World Championship Mountain Bike Triathlon
    . This race was covered by CBS Sports Spectacular . Also been on the front page of Marin Independent Journal today and featured in DirtRag Magazine
  • Race Across America . Finished 3,000 mile Race Across America . Raised money to research transplants for Team Donate Life . Therese was Bobby's guide . Team came in third place
  • Downieville Classic

    Downieville Classic
    . The course is 17 miles . Rides the course with a guide before the actual race
  • Appeared in Kranked 8: Revolve

    Appeared in Kranked 8: Revolve
  • Rode in the UCI World Cup Mountain Bike Finals

    Rode in the UCI  World Cup Mountain Bike Finals
    "The amateur course was LEGIT to say the least. Veach and I 'hauled the mail' all week! Our race run was cut short by a flat. The course was rocky, rooty and slippery," said Bobby, in the Mountain Top Telegraph.
  • Raced Euro Cup Super Enduro

    . Located in Sauze d'Oulx Italy .The race declines more than 10,000 feet in 19 miles