The Evolution of Music Media

By emmaw23
  • Panharmonicon and Apollonicon

    Panharmonicon and Apollonicon
    These music formats were digital, automated sound-producing machines
  • Period: to

    The Evolution of Music Media

  • Piano Cylinder

    Piano Cylinder
    This device played music digitally and automatically and was played using a revolving cylinder
  • Phonograph

    Analog sound waves translated from tin foil
  • Vacuum Operated Piano

    Vacuum Operated Piano
  • Music Box Disc

    Music Box Disc
    Vacuum-operated music box
  • 10" 78 rpm record

    10" 78 rpm record
    Mechanical analog made from hard rubber
  • Vinyl 45 Record

    Vinyl 45 Record
  • Cassette Tape

    Cassette Tape
  • Microcassette

  • High Definition Compatible Digital

    High Definition Compatible Digital
  • Super Audio CD

    Super Audio CD
  • File Formats

    File Formats
    This is when streaming began!!! The most popular streaming sites originally were and PeopleSound.
  • Spotify

  • Apple Music

    Apple Music