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PLTW- History of Headphones

  • First Headphones

    First Headphones
    Nathanal Balwin created the first headphones in his kitchen and sold them to the U.S. Navy.
  • German Headphones

    German Headphones
    A german company Beyerdymaic invented and produced the first dynamic headphones.
  • Sterio Headphones

    Sterio Headphones
    John C. Koss created the first stereo Headphones.
  • The Walkman Changes Headphones in the Eighties

    The Walkman Changes Headphones in the Eighties
    Sony Developed Walkmans ware you could cary and listen to music on the go.
  • Ligher headphones

    Ligher headphones
    The head phones and ear buds started to become lighter and smaller.
  • The Beats

    The Beats
    Dr.Dre created the most well know headphones and expensive know to our time