The Evolution of Audio Over Time

Timeline created by lancoleman
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  • Phonograph

    Invented by Thomas Edison; Uses a needle on a record to make a sound.
  • Phonograph record

    The first flat disc record was created by Emilie Berliner. The first records had poor sound quality.
  • FM Radio

    Patented by inventer Edwin H. Armstrong
  • 8-Track Tape

    Developed by Lear Corporation
  • Walkman

    Developed by Sony. Portable cassette player. Sold very well.
  • Compact Disc

    Plastic Disc invented in 1980. Sold commercially in 1982. Coinvented by Phillips Electronics NV and Sony Corporation. Replaced the record.
  • Mp3 players

    Tomislav Uzelac developed the first successful Mp3 player. Frauenhofer developed the first Mp3 player in the early 1990s but it didn't work.
  • iPod

    Developed by Apple inc. Portable media player. Very successful.