The Early Life of Hitler

By trecook
  • He changed his name, the month and the date are wrong but the year is right

  • Period: to

    The Early Life of Hitler

  • The begining of his life

    The begining of his life
    Hitler was born to parents Klara and father Alois Hitler in a town called Hraunau in Austria.
  • Hitlers mother dies

  • The sources of income dried up

  • He Tried To Get In The Army cound noot finf the date are month

  • Hitler in world war 1

  • He wrote a messages to people date not available

  • At this time Germany was stell winning the war month and date not available

  • War ends with german defeat

  • nazi party is formed

  • the reichstag burns

  • hitler tecomes dictator of germary

  • germanz elect nazis