The discovery of Penicillin

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  • Discovery!!

    While Flemming was sitting in his lab penicillium spores blew through his open window and settled on a dish covered in bacteria.The penicillin started to kill the bacteria!!
  • Proving it

    Proving it
    From then on Flemming continued to test the mould with different types of bacteria.
    He found that it also worked with them!
  • Uses!!!

    In 1940, the second year of World War II, two scientists at Oxford University were researching promising projects in bacteriology that could possibly be enhanced or continued with chemistry. Australian Howard Florey and German refugee Ernst Chain began working with penicillin. Using new chemical techniques, they were able to produce a brown powder that kept its antibacterial power for longer than a few days. They experimented with the powder and found it to be safe.
  • Lives saved

    Lives saved
    Needing the new drug immediately for the war front, mass production started quickly. The availability of penicillin during World War II saved many lives that otherwise would have been lost due to bacterial infections in even minor wounds. Penicillin also treated diphtheria, gangrene, pneumonia, syphilis and tuberculosis.
  • success!

    From then on Penicillin took of!!!!!!!!