The Diary of Manuel Sewall

  • Meeting-house

    Went to Salem, where, in the meeting-house, the persons accused of witchcraft were examined. Was a great assembly.
  • People were executed

    This day George Burroughs, John Willard, John Proctor, Martha Carrier and George Jacobs were executed at Salem. Mr.Cotton Mather, Mr. Sims, Hale, Noyes, Cheever and others were spectators, and all of them said they were inocent.
  • The first condemned

    A petition is sent to town in behalf of Dorcas Hoar, who now confesses. According an order is sent to the serif to forbear her execution. This is the first coondemend person who has confessed.
  • At my house

    Willian Stoughton, Esq., Johm Hathorne, Mr. Cotton Mather, Capitan John Higginson and my brother, were at my house. We speaking about publishing some trials of the witches.
  • Last paragraph

    I prayed that God would pardon all my sinful wanderings and direct me for the future. That God would bless the Assembly in their debates, save New England and vindicate the late judges.