The Development of Television

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  • The First Sketch of the TV

    The First Sketch of the TV
    The first sketch of what is now called ''Television'' was sketched in 1878 and was named the ''Telephonoscope''. At that time science fiction authors imagined that light could be transmitted by wires. The first machine that transmitted images electrically was the early fax machine(s).
  • The First Mechanical TV

    The First Mechanical TV
    In 1884, a 23 year old university student Paul Gottlieb Nipkow, patented the first mechanical television. It included a scanning disk and a spinning disk with holes spiraling toward the center, for rasterization. The distance beetween each hole was equal so that it would allow light to pass through.
  • The First True Mechanical TV

    The First True Mechanical TV
    London, the year of 1925 John Logee Baird just transmitted silhoettes in his early model of a TV. A year later he transmitted monochromatic images. By doing this Baird's Television became the first true TV that could transmit silhoettes and monochromatic images.
  • The First Electronic TV

    The First Electronic TV
    By 1927, the famous amiracan mastermind invented the first working electronic TV. This model had electronic scanning on both the pickup and display devices. He demonstrated it to the press on September 1st, 1927.
  • First Public TV Broadcast

    First Public TV Broadcast
    On November 2nd, 1936 BBC transmitted the first public TV broadcast. This special TV service was called Victorian Alexandra Palace. It claims to be the birthplace of TV broadcasting.
  • First TV Remote Control

    First TV Remote Control
    The first TV Remote Control was invented in 1956 by Robert Adler. He called it the ''Zenith Space Commander'', it was the first practical TV contol. If you used this remote in sunlight, it wouldn't work. Before that you had to get up and go to switch the channels by hand.
  • First TV Satellite

    First TV Satellite
    AT&T launched the first TV satellite. It was named Telstar, because of that people can now watch the same channel even if they are 1 million killometers apart. This was one of the events that started the Modern Television Era.
  • First Color TV

    First Color TV
    The first colored TV was called the GE's Porta-Color set. It was invented in 1966. This development made TV programs much better and understandable to everyone.
  • First 3D TV

    First 3D TV
    On June 9th, 2010 Panasonic made the first ever 3D Television set. This TV is really big it is about 152 inches (390 centimeters). It costs $576,000, and that's the cheapest one. You would have to wear special 3D glasses, if you don't want to hurt your eyes.
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    The Development of Television