The Development of Labor Union

  • The National Trade Union

    The National Trade Union
    The first national union was founded in 1834
  • CommonWealth vs. Hunt

    Massachusette cournt ruled that union were legal
  • Hy\aymarket Riot

    Harvesters workers clashed with police four strikers were killed
  • American federation of Labor

    Founded by Samuel Gompers, organized skilled workers by craft. They fought for higher wages, shorter hours, and improved working conditions through collective bargaining
  • United Mine Workers

    IMprove ages and working conditions
  • The Homestead Strike

    The Homestead Strike
    Steel workers in Homestead, Pennsylvania struck against the Carnegie Steel plant because the ompany had reduced wages.The Homestead Strike of 1892 became violent when the steel companys hired private police to protect strike breakers. In the ensuing confrontation, nine strikers and seven police officers were killed
  • American Railway union

    Railroad fireman Eugene v, Debs founded the company
  • Pullman Company

    manufactured sleeping and dining cars, went on strike because their wages had been cut. Acting out of sympathy for the Pullman workers, conductors and engineer of American Railway Union refused to handle trains with Pullman car attached
  • The International Workers of the World

    The International Workers of the World
    Organized in 1905 for unskilled workers and immigrants, advocated one large national union that would use strikes and sabotage to achive its goal as opposedto the more peaceful American Federation of Labor
  • Clayton Act

    Allowed picketing and limited the use of injunctions in labor disputes
  • National Labor Relatons Acts

    National Labor Relatons Acts
    Protected the rights of workers to organize and elect representatives for collective bargaining. Also in this year, the CIO, Congress of industrial Organization, was formed by serval AFL unions to promote unionism in idustry
  • Fair Labor Standard Act

    Established a minimum wage and time abd a half for over forty hours of work a week
  • Fair Labor Act

    Prohibited child labor
  • AFL and CIO

    AFL and CIO
    Merged in 1955